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*pinkprincess* (xpinkxprincessx) wrote,
@ 2004-07-25 22:49:00
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    heyy im new =) was wonderin if ne one could make me an not too picky & im not reallie sure what i want it to look like so be creative (preferably have some pink in it =P)..this is what i want it to say:

    find arms that will hold you at your --> weakest <--
    eyes that will .l.o.o.k. into yours when you're at your ugliest
    and a * h e a r t * that will love you at your worst
    because that's the only love that really matters <3

    thanx in advance =]

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2004-09-11 12:29 (link)
um idk i just saw this and i know u have an icon but if u would like to see some more i have a ton...but i can only send them though aim or something like that..message me back on here if ur interested or anything

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2004-09-24 02:05 (link)
heyy okiee thanx sure id love to see them =)

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2004-10-06 23:25 (link)
ok i well my sn is tootsiixx3 but it hasnt been working lately but like sumtimes it is or w/e lol um if u give me ur sn i can go on my friends sn and IM but like i cant really give u hers cuz she blocks all users not on her yeah..

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2004-10-07 18:29 (link)
lol for whaT?! ahah sorrie im a lost pretty sure ur talkin bout AIM i dont reallie go on it but it's eurobabez69

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2004-10-09 17:10 (link)
whoops! im sorry yeah for aim.. now to let you know, her sn is tr0picalxxsun its a zero not an o btw...hope to talk to u soon =)

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2004-10-09 17:19 (link)
s'all good..kk i just sent it a msg sayin who i was =) ** i hope that's what u wanted me to do lol**

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