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MaMi_sOiNlOvEwItCjR (xox_lostinlove) wrote,
@ 2004-06-07 07:44:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:"Everytime" By Britney Spears

    A couple questions...
    Someone asked these questions... so i did my best to answer them for him... just figured id put them in here....

    1. Why do women always say that there are no good men out there? Is it because you desire more then you really need?

    * Women always say that there are no good men out there because women strive to find "the one" or "mr perfect/right" and they forget that nobody is perfect and it is impossible to find someone that is. they search and search for the perfect person, which causes them to miss the not so perfect, yet good men that are out there. so yea... i would say it is partially because they desire more than they need.

    2. If your are so independent why do women still to this day want men to pay 4 everything?

    * I don`t believe that a man should pay for everything, i mean, i wont even allow my fiance to pay for everything, but the reason that women claim to be independent and then want men to pay for so much is because it is all in the stereotype. Women say they are independent because they believe they can make it on their own and they dont need their men, but the reason they still want the men to pay is the role they hold in a relationship. just like the whole man of the house thing. i mean, you hear of a house wife all the time, but how often do you hear of a house husband, lol. ok.. what i wrote is really confusing, but hopefully you get what i am trying to say, lol, key word... trying.

    3. Why should I have a car when you dont have one yourself?

    * I don`t know about this one... i hate when people expect things of other people but aint even doing the same for themselves. But like i said on the last question... its about being a man and showing that you can take care of things... the necessities. kind of hard to explain, but i still think it is dumb.

    That's all for now... bye bye!

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