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MaMi_sOiNlOvEwItCjR (xox_lostinlove) wrote,
@ 2004-07-05 14:45:00
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    Current mood: thankful
    Current music:"Sunshine" Lil Flip ft. Leah

    To the Ones I Love....

    I am gonna give a few quick shout-outs to the people who mean something to me because... I don’t know... I just feel like sometimes we take people for granted. And even though I do say that a lot of people whom I claim are my friends, really are not, I do still have some people whom are true friends and do matter to me.

    To My best friend, Samantha ~~~> Sami, what can I say... you have been the best friend that anyone could ever possibly have. You know we have been to hell and back together and ma, I can truly say the whole journey has been off the chains because I had you by my side. We take it back to second grade and we still going. Thanks for everything you do for me and thank you for supporting me in my decision to be with Christian... that means so much to me, you just don’t know. I’ll always be here for you no matter what and we going to be ride or die b!tches till the day we die. Oh and guess what... me and Christian planned our wedding and you get to be my MAID OF HONOR... yay! You know I had to hold it down for my best friend in the whole entire world and represent in my wedding. Besides, you are my right hand woman, we the troublesome pair, and we just have to do those type of things together. Please... do you think I could have my wedding without you, hell no!! You better do it too, because I know you hate dresses, but oh well, lol. Well, I love you girl, and if you ever need anything, you know where to find me!! XOXO

    To My Close Friend, Angie ~~~> Angie, you always been there for me through everything, whether good or bad. We never really had any bad times that I can think of, but plenty of good ones. You are such a wonderful person and you will always be treasure in my heart. God has given you a wonderful gift and that is to always make people smile and have fun... my L.L, no doubt, haha! Well, I hope you get everything that you deserve in life... all the blessings that God has in store for you. If you ever need anything, just let me know and I got you and I will always be your friend. Love you girl, friends for life.... and by the way, behave yourself, lol.

    To My Best friend, Tina ~~~> Tina, hey mami, I just wanted to tell you thank you for always being there for me from the start when I first met you. You have always had my back and always helped Christian and I out with our relationship... always trying to keep us together. You have become one of my best friends and one day we will be able to chill... you can come visit us at our crib someday, when we have our little baby, yay!!... Hey, maybe you can baby-sit our baby while we do our thang... if you know what I mean, wink!! Lmao. You are truly a great friend and a great person because you are real as hell and you never turn your back on someone unless they have done you wrong. Ma, I hope we continue to be friends for a long time.... and now you know you are going to be one of my bridesmaids in me and Christian’s wedding... that’s wassup!! Lol. It’s going to be crazy! I hope you find you a perfect guy that treats you right that you can be with forever and an eternity like me and Christian, no doubt. Lol. Well, I know I am a loser sometimes, but you love me! Yea, but I'm going to go now, if you ever need anything, let me know because I owe you ma! Thanks so much!! I love you so much as my best friend!!

    To My Future Sister-In-Law, Jasmine ~~~> Jas, we been to hell and back, but I am glad we are friends again. Ma, you are one of my closest friends and my little sister. I love you girl, and I will always have your back when it comes down to it, regardless!! I have done so much for you because that is how much I care for you, and it is forever gonna be like that because I am the cool, wonderful big sister, yay! Even though we have had our bad times, we also have had madd good ones. And you have done a lot for me. But don’t worry, you going to continue to do so, since, you know, I got that little piece of blackmail on my computer, haha, you know!! I got you wrapped around my finger, lol, naw, I’m j/k with you. But if you ever need to talk about anything or need some advice, you can come to me and I will do my best to help you, because you know one day I am gonna be the bomb psychologist, no doubt! But yea, stay true youngin and keep your little behind out of trouble. And don’t forget that you are gonna be a bridesmaid in my wedding, yeya! Me and Christian’s wedding gonna be off the chains. Aiight little mama, be easy!

    To My Second Family Sister, Christina ~~~> Christie, you are like family to me, I mean, I tell everyone you is my 2nd family anyways!! You know I love you girl and I’m always gonna be here for you. Even though I make my comments about everything you do, you know that I am just looking out for you. You deserve the best, and I don’t want to see you shorthand yourself with what you have been going after. Girl, you could do way better and that’s word. Thanks for always being there for me through everything and hearing me out. You gonna be my sister forever in my heart and we both gonna be living it up in NEW YORK, yeya! Thanks for the support in the whole situation with Christian and everything, lol, you know! Well, keep it gully, and watch what you doing, lol. Holla!

    To My Nena, Jeanelle ~~~> Nena, hey mami... I love you girl... you are such a sweetheart and I see you like a younger sister in my eyes... MY NENA!! We haven't even known each other long but I feel like I have known you forever because I have developed such a bond with you... Girl, I am gonna always be here for you no matter what, okay?! If you ever need anything, just holla at me and I will be there. : ) But stay safe ok? Keep yourself out of trouble and just live life to the fullest. I wish the best for you mami, and never let anyone tell you different and never forget.... you are BEAUTIFUL inside and out!! Don’t ever let a guy hurt you because you are too good for that. I love you so much as a close friend girl... may God continue to bless you... take care little mama, bye! XOXO

    To My Close Friend, Latoya ~~~> Toya, hey mami... you know I had to show mucho amor to my favorite Texas Home-girl, TOYA.... shout it and be proud mami because you are one in a million. Love you girl.... thanks for always being there for me through everything... even when we barely even knew each other.. I see you as a true friend, no doubt. And I am gonna always be here for you too ma, don’t worry about any of the drama either because it will only bring you down. Good luck with your ishboo, Joshua... hope the engagement goes good and that your life together will be full of blessings. Just always keep your head up and remember true love prevails... but never dies! Thanks for the encouragement with mines, you helping to keep me going when things get hard.. keeping me with the faith and always giving me good advice.. I appreciate it. Well, I’m gonna bounce now, but keep it gangsta!! You know how us fly gangsta girls do! Be Easy... Take Care and Bendicion girl.

    To My Little Sister, Ebony ~~~> Ebby bebby, I know that we have problems sometimes and sometimes I am kind of mean to you and sometimes you just get on my nerves, lol. Well, no matter what, I am always gonna love you, I mean, you are my little sister and you always will be no matter what. You have gotten on my bad side in so many ways always getting me in trouble and stuff, but you also have always had my back, especially with the whole concept of my relationship with your future big brother-in-law, Christian. Sometimes we don’t get along and I know sometimes that I do take my anger out on you... I’m sorry Ebony, I do not mean to, I just get frustrated sometimes and I take things out on anybody that is around and I know it isn’t fair to you. And you make me feel madd special because you always talking to people about me and showing that you love me and I just keep my feelings to myself. Well, you get to be a bridesmaid in my wedding, so I hope you know you are special too. I know you look up to me and you like to think your name is “Little Laurie”, haha, right!! If you say so, lol. Thanks for caring about me, I love you, Eber Beeber, lol. Be good.

    To My Brudder, Angel ~~~> Brudder, hey bro, I just wanted to say thanks for always being there for me... for always having my back through everything. When people tried to bring me down, you always did your best to keep me up, and all for what?!... Nothing, just out of the goodness of your heart. The first day I met you at Christina’s house and we met by me saying something about the way you said “brudder”.... who would’ve thought you would end up being like a brother to me. Boy, I know sometimes I don’t act like I appreciate what you do for me, but I do... I really do. If you ever need anything, you know where I am at!! Congrats on the job at Sea World... now you get to be like me, yay, lol.... us Sea World losers! Well, I’m out, be easy bro.

    To my home-girl, Adriana ~~~> Adri, mami, you been there for me giving me the best support for my relationship. I remember I first met you when you asked me for advice about your relationship after you viewed me and my man’s page. And hey, I tried my best to help you out and turns out we ended up talking a lot after that and here we are today, still friends. Thank you for everything and always looking out for me and being there to talk to. I hope everything works out with you and Josh, you guys seem like you are meant to be, for real. Just wait, because as I told you, only time will tell, but just keep your head up and your heart strong and pray to God. He is the only one who can bring to you what you desire if it is in his will. Well, good luck ma, and never forget to never give up on your love!!

    Now to the person whom I cherish most in this world... and no, I did not write last to him because of any reason, but I just wanted to get my quick short ones out of the way because I know this is gonna be long and everything. Well, here goes, a message to my love, Christian Jay Ramirez....

    Christian.. before I even begin to tell you how I feel, I just want to say that...

    I love you so much Sweet Pea... you are my everything, my world. My quote for you is... “I want to spend the rest of my life with you because you are my life and without you, life just doesn’t seem worth living at all... you brought happiness back to my life and saved me from a slow death. I love you so much and I am so devoted to you” and that is because that is how I feel. As I have told you so many times, before you I was nothing and if I was to ever leave you, I would be nothing again. You make me, you complete me, you are me entirely. So what if people want to call me obsessed or dependent or sprung, or whatever they may say, it don’t matter anymore to me because maybe they are right. People often say in their life to somebody that they are the best thing that ever happened to them, but how many can actually say they mean that... I can babe!! Because you are!! You are such a wonderful person in my eyes and anybody that would try to take your place in my life would be just straight up dumb because sweetie, you are the best guy in this entire world in my eyes. The sweetest, finest, most caring guy ever. You are my love, my heart, my world, my one and only, my sweet pea, my everything, my hubby, my soul, my reason for living, my happiness, my life, you are just so much more to me as well. Nobody and I do mean nobody could ever change that or make me see differently... My eyes are so focused on you right now and they will continue to be for the rest of my life! I am so happy being with you Christian... you make me feel like one of the luckiest women in the world and not a day goes by where I don’t have a huge smile on my face and the warmest feeling in my heart...

    and that is because I have you. I can’t believe that we actually planned a wedding, OMG... that is so special. We doing big things babe and I know if we was together right now we would’ve been done got engaged. But sweetie, it is okay because I got my devotion to you and the ring is just the solid material commitment promise, and I know that will come. But that isn’t the most important part... the most important thing is the love that God has bestowed upon us and implanted in our hearts. I know you love me just as much as I love you and we gonna spend the rest of our lives together just giving each other love. That is how it is meant to be, no ifs, ands, or buts about it!! I love you baby, and I will continue to love you forever and an eternity and more. Well, besos papi, I can’t wait until the day we get to be together baby. And I’m gonna show you the love I have for you for real Sweet heart... I want to make love to you and just give you all of me... show you my devotion. That’s word sweetie. Loving you always <3 Lauriell Lee Williams, your wifey, your baby, your honey bun, your love!!

    We belong together Sweet Heart....

    In the simplest words...

    Well folks... that is all for now, if I forgot somebody then let me know.. I am so sorry, but these were the people that came to mind.

    <3 Lauriell a.k.a. Twix b.k.a. Chulo’s Wifey

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