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xO TrulyBlond Ox (xotrulyblondox) wrote,
@ 2003-10-10 04:44:00
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    YAAAAAAAY! my stupid computer works.. cus it was broken.. and my dad blamed it on me so then "i broke it"... l0l but yeeea..

    OMMMMMG! duude i am like SOO excited for HC! this whole week was like building excitement for hc l0l.. dude im sure if u go to av u kno who the PrInCeSs/PrInCe nominees are.. but imma tell u the freshman ones anyways cus im cool like that..

    ./~*FrOsH hOmEcOmInG PrInCeSs*~\.

    *LiZzIe lEwIs*
    *MeGaN WeIr*
    SoMe GiRl FrOm pMs NaMeD kAyLa WhO i DoNt ThInK WiLL wIn.. l0l

    ./~*FrOsH hOmEcOmInG PrInCe*~\.

    *NiCk JoHaNsEn*
    *JoHn GoNdKoFf*
    *RiCkY iSaBeL*

    yeeea.. im sOoO EXCITED! i got my dress like a couple weeks ago and i ordered my shoes on wednesday nite from MaCy's.CoM because of my specially retarded feet and even though theyre SUPPOSED to only take *3 business days* they'll be here on wednesday.. and i made makeup and nail appts.. which OHH CRAP reminds me of something i need to do.. l0l.. AHHHH im soo excited! this week was pretty good... cheer prac monday and wednesday.. skits tues.. babysat wed nite.. the game yesterday vs SaN RaMoN which WE won 14-13! HELL YEA! DONS FOR SURRE! ScHoOl was ook.. except i had a looot of stupid gay projects and stuff and i like didnt have time to do my math hw at all this weekend between that and cheer and skit prac and babysitting.. by like 10 or 11ish every nite i was so tired i was like sick and then id wake up EARLIER every morning to get ready and TRY to do my math hw but im like slow in the morning so yeea.. DUDE i am like afraid to check my grades 4 EnGlIsH *PaGtAkHaN* and MaTh *kIyOi*... UGGHH.. i cant stand mr kiyoi.. like practically everyday i get the same book and someone wrote "kiyoi sucks #### hes a child rapist who takes #### hard" or something like that and that always cheers me up l0l... and in pagtakhan today we had ssr and i forgot my ssr book so daniel gave me some boring book hes using for a report on the incas 4 global studies.. and i just like looked all the pictures all period and read this one page about this inca guy named *tUpAc* very CoOl but there was like some seriously wrong pictures l0l..

    and i like SoMeOnE.. but im doing a good job of keeping it a secret except maybe when i announced it to like the whole frosh squad at wed prac but its all good..
    xox CraZeY4U xox: ur being very SnEeEaKY ABOUT IT ;-);-)

    seeeee... IM PRETTY GOOD! l0l

    gotta go do that thing i remembered b4 i have to leave my babysitting job tonite.. l0l wayyy hot friday nite for surre..

    x0x! 143 lOvE yOu!


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2003-10-11 17:42 (link)
hEy yOuR GuYs'S hOmEcOmING iS All tHe SChoOLs ToGeThEr?? tHaTs WeIrD.. We HaD oUrS LiKe A WeEk oR tWo AgO.. tHoSe WeRe sOmE UnExPeCtEd NoMiNaTiOnS.. hMm.. TtYl..

:<>: bRiTtAnY sTaNlEy :<>:

ViSiT mY XaNgA..

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i GoT a BlUrTy
2003-10-18 21:28 (link)
hEy.. Well.. i gOt A BlUrTy sO nO NEeD tO gO tO XaNgA.. lOl.. jUsT iNfOrMiNG YoU..

lOvE bRiTtAnY sTaNLEy

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