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__Ashley* (xotrudivinityxo) wrote,
@ 2003-09-29 20:43:00
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    Current mood: energetic
    Current music: butterflies-alicia keys

    wearin my white n baby blue bata! haha all comfy ready to sleep..
    perO buenO..watz new..i am makin a effort to update mOre often..
    hay dio im madd stressed got madd hw to do n over the weekend i decided not to do any either soO gotta make that shytt up now..Im doin good in scho0l tho...yupp yupp smart me........the lOve life is kinda brightin up :) haha!! yaY wellz yea its kinda loOkin up n f its really nOt welL all the flirtin n all that muela that im givin them is kinda nice ju kno..?sip sip sip perO i dont i dOnt think ii kno wat i want yet..who i want..or why..questions questions questions..buhh jea i been havin some deep convos both online n on the fone..hMm what u cant ahve..u cant resist.. //that shytt is tru right thurr..heehee ..well i ben doin hw for lyk the past two hours..haha yea ryt u kno on and off cuz i take a few braks from time to time..this weekend is full of partieS n shyt!!!busy ass lyk 3 partiees,babyshower,the fair at the train station(perfect time to check the cuties out..hahah) yo0 i tihnk my back is gonna break one of theze days @ schoOL all the guyz b givin me them hard azz hugs lyk squeezin things i dont have in me out..damn speically daiyquan w,jOrdan n scott...they be stoppin traffic in them crowded halls jus to give me a lyk i used a few exuses on some of them lyk that my arm hurt cuz on fri i got a shot on my arm...which was true but not that serious...anywhos *besitos*ashley

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2003-09-30 16:51 (link)
DAAAAAM -- tha quote is deeeeeeeeeep!!!! im feelin tha shit rite now madd hard cuz ma boy jus left ma house & evn tho da temptation to jus make a move wuz dere cuz he so fuckin sexi...but i jus cudnt. :\ uz its kinda like tha quote...i feel i cant have him...yet hes one of da ONLY niggaz tha ive had feelinz for for more den a couple of mnths or suttin ((im goin on 4 yrs likin dis nigga..)). its happend before wit us jus scared it wud fuck up da friendship at dis point since we madd cool. k...well no one really asked for me to spill ma fuckin lyfe story to u, so ma fault bout tha. main point bein -- i cud really relate to da quote :)

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2003-09-30 19:24 (link)
awwww..thanx fa commentin..i feel u on all that..the quOte relates to me toO..its one of the wOrst feelings..sOmetimes u wanna stop the feelings but u cant..ive tried!!! n its iight u can tell me yOur life stOry as many times as u want<33 Im here to listen..*asHley*

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