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__Ashley* (xotrudivinityxo) wrote,
@ 2003-09-28 18:15:00
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    Current mood: indescribable
    Current music:*aventura*

    *pink boyshorts*white tank*white n pink socks*white slippers* color coordinated f0r last min. HW.
    well yea past few days have been g0in a lil slow..on fri. i missed goin to the malL wit jamie,ashleym,and tati cuz i had a doct0s appointment..i got madd pissed n then nothing yesterday i went to the malL for lyk 4 h0urs it was go0d peRo then i get h0me n i find out i missed the movies wit rudy n catherine i was lyk wtf..then today i was supposed to go ta the moviez but then we jus decided to stay at bk chillin....the past week has been a lil awkward betweeen me n jack lyk rememba wen i sed me n him had that deep conv0 it was bout how we d0nt b tlakin anymore n he was lyk that it was his fault n he was gon try harder to talk more often or w.e i mean hes a go0d friend ta me i dont wanna loose his friendship n he doesnt wanna loose mine either but then last night we were tlakin n things jus arent the same lately..i hope things get betta..wat else wat else wat else..oo yea im h0me alone till t0morro cuz my mom decided ta go to BX n i was lyk fuk it im not goin so0 yea umm the love life is g0in kinda slow gotta few feenin here n j.k nah but 4real theres a few...per0 the thing is que i d0nt lykk it to0 much wen guys b beggin or wantin me REAL BAD i lk a challenge but on the other hand i dont lyk it wen they dont..madd confusin n thats not the thin ryt now its that i d0nt lyk anyone n if i do i dont want nothing wit them..i jus want flings here n dere..but yea who knOz maybe one wwill come along que me mueva del hMMm..thats bout it...

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