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__Ashley* (xotrudivinityxo) wrote,
@ 2004-01-12 21:50:00
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    Current mood: okay
    Current music:prOmise(remix)-jagged edge

    hMm well i havent updated in lOng time..i keep dOin this..but its like lately theres no point..so0 might as well not doo it..last week was goOd..we takin sum ElA state test this week soO last week it was all bout reviewin in ELA .
    ..ooOhz n on one of the practice test i had the highest scOre in the whole team..thas lyk 100 ppl..i was tied wit sum1 else..felt so smart
    on friday it was youth center..its this thing where u can dance or play basketball in the gym..after schOOl i went to jamies house..the tanisha showed up then yessi n then tati ..soO we went to yc..tati cant get in cuz shes been suspended since last year n tanisha cant get in cuz shes in the hs..but w.e we still brought them along..first we tried gettin in around the bac..that shit didnt work cuz this lil white boy opened the doOr but he took so long that sum parent guy came along n he was lyk get out wen he saw us comin in..soO we jetted around the front..then on the side of the schOOl we see dean farb..OO shittz .well she didnt c me yessi n jamie decided to go in to see if there was sum way we could get tati n tanisha in..well we tried but we couldnt 'nd at one point jordan went to open the dOor for them n he got caught by sum parent..n he hit the parent toO soo yea..he got in trouble..he cant go to n e more yc's..but whoo cares thas madd wack its not lyk he was plannin to go again..we only spent lyk 30 mins there we decided to call jamies mom to pick us up...ashley b n renee came along toO.. n we went back to jamies n watched a lil bit of set it off but then yessis dad came to pick me,yessi,ashleyb n renee up soO kkz we went home..
    on saturday jamie n renee came to my house then we walked to ashley nb's house picked her up n the walked to yessi's we stayed at her house then scott n grayson came..we were supposed to see the movie at 8 but a couple of memorable things were happenin...we took the cab lyk at 8:10..we missed lyk 1o-2o mins of my baby's daddy..that was the ill movie but w.e...afta the movies we went to the pizzeria..renee n jamie got picked up 'nd me ashleyb n yessi decideed to walk..keep in mind it was freezin..well we had to jump the fence of the hs .to take a shortcut..i landed on ashleyb's shoulder..shit was funni..then we was wlakin through the field n we hear sum guy go.."ma come here"..we were was lyk a movie..cuz it was madd dark or w.e n it was late..soOOs yea..
    then on our way home we stopped by ashley b's b/f n yessi were jus watchin tv n then we left..we was walkin madd fast hOme cuz we dont wanna get in trouble cuz ashleyb's b-day is comin up n we all gonna chilL wouldnt b the same if one of us was missin..
    anyways on sunday i didnt really do nuttin..i was gonna go to the mall wit jamie n yessi but mom was in a bitchy moOd..sayin i tlak back n shit, w/e..i was home alone most of the time..
    today schOOl was was our last v-ball game..we won..we also got our volleyball jackets n sweat pants..we all wearin it 2morro...we were havin madd fun on the bus..bein miss v-ball but now imma have mOre time to chill or w.e n be thats goOd

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2004-01-16 20:45 (link)
cute journal i add? i added you! xoxx brii

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2004-01-17 01:32 (link)
kkz..i'll add u toO!@

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