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__Ashley* (xotrudivinityxo) wrote,
@ 2003-12-28 00:37:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:conciencia-aventura

    im hOme..
    hOlidayz went ReAl GoOd...heeehee
    on the 24th x-mas eve i went first to my mama's (g-ma) hOuse there i gOt dressed..lOokin madd cute by the wayy..hmM then me n ma brother toOk a cab to tia maira's house..wheRe at fiRst nuttin was gOin on n then the fOod came out ooo dios!@.. pernil,chicken,yellow rice,white rice,moro de guandules, ensalada de coditos,ensalada de papa, normal ensalada (ensalada=salad),beans,pastelitos....n a whOle otha selection..awwww yummyyyy...peRo afterwards i had the ill stomach ache...ahhh i was walkin around wit a hand on my stomach n usin my otha hand for dancin..heehee until tia maira found me n gave me a lil sip of sum yellow medicine that gOt me fixed right away!@..i was good in a minute....i slept ova my tias house n so did almost alll my cuzins n theres lOtz of them...we woke up lyk at 4:30 to open presents...i gOt madd certiicatres,clothes,portable dvd player..normal dvd playes that holds 5 dvds(my bro broke mine), lots of purses :)...more $...lyk 3 babyphat set of velour,babyblue,black!@....i also got the aventura cd love and hate..n the dvd frum wen the concert at the united palace which i went to by the was last year..i also got the pirates of the caribbean dvd..<3 that movie y oOo dios god nows how many more things i got..i luved my x-mas..

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2003-12-28 02:33 (link)
awww glad chu had a good christmas. mmm -- & i noe whachu mean of dem ill stomach aches afta all tha food cuz ma ass STILL feelin tha shit now wit all dem leftovas & shit. but wit all tha pernil y arroz con gandules -- da fuck we supposed to resist tha???? lol. much luv mama. :: mwaazz ::

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