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__Ashley* (xotrudivinityxo) wrote,
@ 2003-12-21 17:35:00
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    Current mood: hot
    Current music: dat new song..slo jamz

    buenO buenO stilL in BX!@ i might go do sum las minute shOppin cuz u kno its almost time for da stOred to clOse!@
    friday night: i finally got to tlak to jack.. i gave him the # to call since it wasnt wOrkin me callin ..soO we talked for a good was nice cuz we're gettin close again..if u didnt knO me n jack had dis weird thing goin on last year..where we liked each other on and was type weird cuz in between it all we remained really good friends..n hes done thing or does tihngs tha if sumone else did i would get mad at but its lyk i dont..idk why its weird but yea anyways we dont go to the same schoOl anymore..we're the same age but he's in a grade higher than me..we've always stayed in touch n stuff..but for a short period of time i was thinkin dat we were drifting but these past few weeks we've gotten even closer!@ n im happy cuz hes a good friend.. wwll that night i wen tto bed lyk at 2:30..i couldnt fall asleep the ppl upstairs had a party..keep in mind that im in bx)...yea but anywyas friday overall was goOd
    yesterday:still in bx.. i wOke up madd early..lyk 9 idk its cuz im sick...but yea nevermind that i went shoppin lyk at 3 wit sum cute things!@ then we picked up the crew..rented sum movies n then watched them..later that night i talked to jack on the fone again..n then watched anotha movie..went to bed lyk @ day
    today:woke up lyk at 2:30 pm...haha n had sum moriso├▒ando!@...yummy prob gonna go back home n tomorro im gon babysit these 2 kids..gotta make sum $$...well bye

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2003-12-22 01:14 (link)

wow im confused too! hehe .. . so do you have a thing for this boy? or are you guyz friendz but Best friendz that REALLY care for each other ? im in confused mode right now lol .. . just thought i'd let you kno im still alive! LOL! haha *muah*

one love ` natalie

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2003-12-22 19:01 (link)
nah..we're jus friends ....idk nobody ever

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