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__Ashley* (xotrudivinityxo) wrote,
@ 2003-12-05 23:16:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:my immortal-evanscence n tru loyalty-50cent feat lloyd banks

    hMm..i moved already lyk a week ago still in the same town..havent been onlien or on blurty cuz i jus got the fone up today cuz my mom decided to disconnect it n connect it again cuz she changed the we have unlimited minutes makes me madd happy u knO imma b beastin..late night phOne wit jamie n jordan n dayday n dem...thOse are funnny cuz everyone s either really hyper Or sOunds high...i wanted to go see HONEY but its snowin n no1 wants to go anymore n the monthly visit came bad this month..cramps zare killin me..umM i talked to jack today..nuttin really new he says im viOlent..n his lil cuzins were there n i heard him scare them over the fone n they were bout to cry n then he sed he was jus kiddin..but they're adorable they're lyk 5 n 6..might go to the movies tomorro wit a few ppl n im also goin to the bronx..OO for thanksgiving there was a party not dinner cuz wen spansih ppl see a holiday comin its a party not a dinner n that day i went to the heights we were shoppin or wat not n chillin wit my cuzins friends then she went to get her nails done between 184 n 185 shit was packed so i didnt feel lyk waitin n i had already spent madd money sOOo yea n the thanksgiving..the foOD was jus yummy i wouldnt trade my dominican food for the world n there was soooo much of it n everyone was there blastin..o happy world but most the time we were all chillin in the ro0m n bein stupid..i was bout to kill my aunt shes 16 ,made me drop my patelito..pastelito..if u wanna b but on the real i yelled at her maddddd loud n i pulled her hair..heehee but 2 mins alter we were back to normal...women in my family have random violent urges...we're really moody..soo yea ig2g now i would post more but im gettin tired of typin<33 muahhz..ashley

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2003-12-06 23:58 (link)
Ashley Babe! I'm hope you're enjoyinq your new house! YAY new room and everythinq! haha. I have Spanish in me too! I'm told i'm hot tempered or somethinq like that. I wanted to see Honey too! DAMN THE SNOW! I'm qlad that you're back. My thanksqivinq sucked!!! I had chicken instead of turkey and i just sat and ate with my parents. NO FUN! I was qettinq so hunqry when i was readinq your journal about your Dominican food! I qotta make my parents make some of that since i have Spanish in me! RAWR! well ttyl *muah*

|| 1`love|| natalie

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2003-12-07 21:34 (link)
awww u need to come to NY so u can have some of my momz dOminican food...its yummy..

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2003-12-07 15:27 (link)
hellO.. hOpe you had fun on sankSzgiving !

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