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__Ashley* (xotrudivinityxo) wrote,
@ 2003-11-11 23:07:00
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    Current mood: crappy
    Current music:before you walk out my life-monica

    today we had no scho0l so i jus stayed hOme n slept a lot...i dun play wit ma sleep i was gettin heated cuz anthony r [hes ma friend..wants ta get wit me now n he wont hop off] called me lyk idk at wha time n was lyk hey wattup soundin all wake...omg im sleepin..he hOez OOh u waz sleepin im lyk obviously damn so i waz jus lyk uhh call me lata...shit then he calls still sleepin so i waz jus lyk u kno wat im still sleepin call me bac round 4..shouold kno betta than to b callin me befOre 3..
    Jordan [ of ma best guy friends] also called me while i waz sleepin he knoz i dun play wit ma sleep so as soon as i picked up the fone he goez oOh u was sleepin i'll call later..he calls later again im sleepin tha time i jus didnt pick up the fone DAMn...we gOt no0 scho0l why are ppl wakin up sooo early n callin mee specially...should kno by now that i sleep a bit more than the usual person.

    n then mami came i the ro0m at lyk 7.. oO u got no scho0l..i was lyk omfg really..n then she goez in ma closet..i dont evne kno wat she to0k ..i was knocked out..theres a reason why i locked ma do0r...she got the key tho but still dont go in there wne im sleepin..ahh

    i woke up arOund wat..4..i did nuthin i stayed in bed wen ma mom got home she was lyk wdf u spend the day at home u can do nothin not even feed yasself..i was lyk but i was sleepin she jus kept on goin..gave me a headche

    moving thinkin of deadin brian..i mean its only been a week but hes uhh gets on ma thing iight its long distance so u woulkd expect for him to call me...well he has the nerve to only call him wen someone else does it for him n i get pissed cuz wen he does call mee he doesnt say nuffin im used to guyz makin me laugh n shit n havin 3 hour convos..well hes lyk blah jus boring doesnt talk madddddd not feelin tha i mean hes cute i gotta admit that n everything but wit me its not all bout that u gotta have something else!!!!!!!!!
    i got plenty of options to pick from but im to0 picky!@

    OOo well anywyaz Jamie<33 and jordan were goin out or w.e..well he asked her to :x not straight up but on sum metaphor shit lyk oO u kno wen u starvin..u gon want some food ryt?..she was lyk uh huh he was lyk well if ur starvin soo much u might jus go grimey n take food out of somebodys plate..i was rollin wen she sed this..he was tryna say how oo he wants sum or w.e n how he dont wanna go get it somewhere else..jamie couldnt even get mad all she did was laugh..well anywayz yea he had dumped her b4 lyk a weeek ago n then he asked her bac out n she sed yea cuz she still liekd him but then he dumped her again yesterday..sehs threw wit the shit soo that was it..last nite we on the fone all 3 of uz n i guess he thought she was gonna take him bac cuz he asked her bac out n wen she sed no he was lyk u seriouz she was lyk uhh yeah..deep inside i was cheering fa jamie cuz im tired of all these things he does to really gets me annoyed how Jordan has the ability to do that to grlz..n he usually alwayz goes out wit one of ma friends n always ends up doin something stupid n them takin him bac so im glad jamie is threw wit him!!!

    i gotta finsih readin some book cuz tommorro we got a test on it i have lyk 5 chaperts to go..lets see wta time imma go to bed..
    blurty is boring me..no1 updates or anything..n nothing is really goin on im ma life!@!@!@! hMMm bye <33 ashley

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2003-11-14 02:32 (link)

hey cutie with the nice booty! lol dont ask .. . ne`wayz guess what ... i'm back .. . haha wow you're just like me when it comes to boyz! I cant believe they called you that early! DAMN i would be cussing them out if they did that to me! grrr well i just thought i'd leave some love! *muah*


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2003-11-14 22:06 (link)
hey hun..i was so0 bored,no1 ever updates. and i knooo how can anyone think of callin ME early..wanted to kill them the next day..glad ur bac<33

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