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__Ashley* (xotrudivinityxo) wrote,
@ 2003-10-23 23:20:00
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    Current mood: contemplative
    Current music: when you loose your love-aventura

    que digO..hmm buenO nada realli has happened..havent updated cuz i havent been online since mon...i am madd lazy n tired i come home from scholl watch some tv(start watchin the game) do a lil hw n without wantin to take a 4 hour wake up finsh watchin the game n then do the hw i have left ova..sometimes i read..or ea b4 i go to bed cuz i get bored since i cant go back to sleep after that 4 hour nap..but yeaH..yoO they on some strict shyt at theres no excuses to b late to class..they dont care u gotta have a pass plus since this year they have one scantron attendance sheet for each period..its even i gotta b early to art. men jared used tob late everydsay n he wouldnt notice but now hes bein a bitch(the teacher)..que mas?..hMm oo yeah today they were teachin us the step we have to try out doin madd good i learned the 1st part n now tomorro we all goin in early to teach other the parts we kno..soO Yea me,jasmine d,juliana,nikki n jeanette were doin go0d from the start..hahah my fav is wen we do the grindin beat the part wit the heel toe..madd nice at it..but yea i hope i make it..i always think im not n do so hopefully it'll b the same..but i got pissed after step on the bus cuz i noticed i left my hello kitty watch on the table...damn ..but i still was madd hyped..after i woke up from my nap my mom was type mad cuz she sed that ppl kept callin n ot sayin anything..n that was for me prob. jordan..he sed he was gon call but i mean if u call even if its my mom yoo say something tomorro imma tell him something bout that cuz now my mom thinks im on some suspicious shit lol im lyk ahhh!!..but yea i cant stop listenin to wen u loose your love-aventura..OO n volleyball starts on nov 10..gotta try out hopin to make it again!@ <33 besitos

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