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__Ashley* (xotrudivinityxo) wrote,
@ 2003-10-12 23:46:00
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    Current mood: good
    Current music:tego calderon-mision

    llegue yO
    buenO let me staRt frum fri..primeramente i was havin a bad hair day..i dunno i jus wasnt feelin ma hair that day---it waz jus as curly as it gets..spent the whole day tryna do sumthin to it y nada stayed lyk that..w/e umm wat else happened that day..oO jeAh..sean f asked me out..he's lyk the nicest white boy i mena we dun really consider him white cuz he dont act lyk it at all buh still yea he asked me out tol me he to tell him my ans. on tues. diablOo i dont kno wat to say i gettin tired of this whole single shytt..maybe not the single thing but jus sayin no to everyone... ju kno? i went to sleep madd late i was in a chat wit everyone n then i was talkin ta aurin n rudy on the foen..we waz listenin to music..haha yea tat whole night waz idk ..i was tihnkin bout a certain sumone too much cuz of something he had sed to me that got me thinkin that shytt does bother him still but he tries to act lyk it dont n e shouldnt y nada got me in that mood i get in where i jus listen to a LOT of r&b specially donell jones shit lyk tha..

    saturday i went ta bx wit mami,my aunt(15) n my cuzin...y my mom dropped em off at my cuzins house(20) n she went to mama's hOuse y i spent the whole day watchin the yankee game..haha!!! we cuzin the 20 year old her man was havin a party i mean i didnt wanna go but i didnt wanna stay home alone so me,my aunt the 15 year old,maribella,sasha n my cuzin wen to the party..i was the baby lol..shytt turned out ta b wack it was on 171st n we were jus sittin on the steps cuz it was madd hot y my cuzin was chillin wit her man y ya we went home w.e w.e i was out it was already lyk 5..i didnt even dance at the party it was jus..bOrin n hot as hell

    sunday came back home y mami was mad cuz my aunt was gettin in the bussines of me goin to that part wit ym cuzin(2) i mean wat bothered her wasnt that i 4got to call her cuz w.e she knoes im nto gonna do nothin stupid..seh trust me but that my aunt was lyk Oo u gave ha permission?..shytt got my mom heated she sed they all waitin for me to mess up soo they can make up a big deal about it.but im not gonna let that happen cuz i kno thas wha they waitin for since all my other cuzins have its lyk ...shes next..u kno? pero im good cuz i trust myslef not to do anythign stupid n i've learned from other ppl's expeirences to only trust myslef cuz the ones closest to u are the ones that stab u in the back y nada here i am..hOme...
    <33 bye

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2003-10-13 13:09 (link)
lol gotdam...ya parents be actually tellin u tha dey waitin for u to fuck up so tha dey cud get mad atchu. type fucked up. but at least u noe u not gonna, & thachu gon prove dem wrong. i luv doin tha shit to ma fuckin parents, cuz dey swear dey noe me & ma ery nex move...wen dey dun noe shiiiet lol..bueno im happy u had a good weekend, too bad u didnt enjoy da party but at least u had suttin to do. :D

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2003-10-13 15:22 (link)
haha na not my parents..its my aunts on my dad side cuz all their daughters have fucked up..lyk my oldest cuzin got pregnant wen she was 15 sooO yea they expectin me to since everyoen else parents trust me they kno im not stupid..soO yea

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