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__Ashley* (xotrudivinityxo) wrote,
@ 2003-10-07 23:58:00
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    Current mood: relaxed
    Current music:call-ashanti

    well lets me c...there was a fight @ schoOl ova some grl flashin anotha grls b/f...i personally find it so dumb cu ppl nto even sure wat happened..umm one of my friend's sis got in a car accident he was all down today i was lyk aww neva seen him lyk that n umm wat else o yeah he wet in the grls locka room who cared tho no1..i was lyk w.e n everyoen jsu kept actin normal most were laready 1/2 dressed so one told on him..umm afta schoOl me n my aunt(15) went out..we didnt feel lyk stayin hOme..we went shOppin fa thonqz..i got the cutest shytt i really didnt kno which one ta ick..toO goin bac next week to get more pretty panties..haha..well let me c wat else umm ppl wuz bein madd bithcy in chats..i was lyk fuck no..n uhh wat talkin ta this kid kevin..he seeems nice...val showed me apic of anthony this kid she lyk in love wit..he look type goOd..hMm i gotz a feelin imma end up broke this,jamie n ashley m might spend the weekend togetha 1st in bx n then we goin to that'll b fun..(parties)

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