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__Ashley* (xotrudivinityxo) wrote,
@ 2003-09-30 19:34:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music: hermanita-aventura

    lalalalalala...hmM today was iight..i tlaked or saw ppl i hadnt seen in a while..well first im gettin off the bus n guess who i see on his bike...Rob..well i didnt c him i was bout to pass ryt by him cuz u knO blind me didnt c him n he was lyk yo0 how u gonna pass ryt by me n not say anything..i was on my way to b.k wit estefani n yea w.e then i am at bk n ugh ewww guess who comes in jOe.p wellz i saw him come in but i didnt say anything to not gonna tlak to him n then hes jus standin there i was pretendin i didnt c him then he goes outside then back inside n then he sits lyk uhh.. n then i jus left bk didnt say anything n then im half way down the block n he goes ASHLEY wattup n i jus waved..hahha evil me he was expecitn me to say hi or something to him 1st..well then i get home
    my fone was ringin lyk cRazy..i was so happy but i had to get to wOrkin cuz i have to finsh this boook n write 4 entry things on it sOO had to get workin..i finshed fast then jasmine called me n we were tlakin n she goes callANDRE..HmM havent tlaked/seen andre since august last time i saw him he was lookin n then he didnt pick up so w.e n then all of a sudden im tlakin to my mom n he calls n we start tlakin or w.e n he goes u single im lky yeah n he goes oo n im lyk hows school he goes it iight theres a lot more grls tho but i still got a lil thing 4 u...i was lyk oO really hmm..hehe n then we were jus tlakin n i told him that last time i saw him it didnt seem lyk that(it was at a party) n he sed he didnt act lyk it cuz he thought i had a man n i go why didnt u jus ask he sed im not hgonna b askin u ur bussiness lyk that
    cuz at the party i took him upstairs n was lyk wats goin on u dont even clal me naymore n he sed cuz he tohught i was nt intersted n i was lky hmm but we didnt dance or anything n then we jus tlakin abotu idk at n he goes yea i saw u dancin n he was lyk yea how all the guys was sayin i could dnace n i wa slyk uhh i only danced wit 2 this real tall kid n jack n he was lyk yea the tlal kid sed that n idk oo n he also asked me if i liked jack since me n him b tlakin n i told him i was lyk noo we're jus friends or w.e i mena he tells me bout his lil love life n i tell him bout mine..but yea w.e he also wnats me to go by his house n fri. or to call him naytime i do so we can "talk" n i was lyk iight unju .
    .soo yea anyways scho0l was good today.we madd bad in gym we didnt get to do anything cuz everyoen was jus chillin n at lunch mr fahey was complementin me ahahaha we was havin madd fun throwin pens at daiyquan n the lil red stick thingy from the cheese n crackers..throwin it at irvins head..woW..rudy wit her $ in her bra..the kid on the cruches hahahhaha im bein madd goOd lyk in grades n shytt my teachers think im gooD..heehee<33 mucho love!!!

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2003-09-30 20:46 (link)

wOw babe! you seemed to have a hella long day .. . hmm I wonder if the boy Andre is good looking now? if he aint drop him! HAHAHAH! nah but he seems like a nice boy. Ugh dont you just hate it when your dancing and then ppl be saying "yo shes a slut" WTF is up with that! just becuz we got a good body and know how to work it doesn't mean we're sluts! FUCK THEM HATAZ! bwahaha .. .. well i just thought i'd leave some love 4 yah! *MUAH*

one love ` natalie

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(Deleted post)

thanx for cOmmentin!@
2003-10-01 22:41 (link)

yea it was a long day!@ madd tiring..n i woke up real late so i had no time to do anything in the mOrnin toO :(..
he didnt call me a slut..he wouldnt i dOnt think i look at him in that way so but who knOez
<33 me!&

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