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Meg (xoskoolgirlox) wrote,
@ 2006-02-05 16:39:00
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    i just really want love and happiness. and a relationship i can be proud of and not be afraid to tell people about. and to be about to shout it from a mountain ... or a newsroom if i wanted to. i want to get married. i want to have kids. i want a family more than anything. i done with games, and drama, and all the bullshit nonsense. i just want to fuckin grow up and get out of the fuckin scene. It's gotten way to lame lately. I wrote something a while back ... over a year ago ... it was an away message one day and I saved it. Check it out.

    i need someone to make me feel alive, to make my life mean something. i need love in it's deepest and truest form. no matter how often i have run from it, and have pushed it away, i need someone to not give up on me, and to make me believe that falling in love on every level with a person who has mutual feelings is possible. i need the single undefinable thing that is love.

    Won't you let me fuckin have that already? My god.....

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