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Meg (xoskoolgirlox) wrote,
@ 2005-12-28 18:28:00
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    My father is driving me batty. He came home a half an hour early I wasn't anywhere near done with the housework cuz I've been so tired lately that I ended up sleeping for 11 hours and waking up at 2:30 today. He gets mad that I bought the Mike Mussina action figure. even though it was cheaper online than if I found it in the stores. He says that I have no job. Yeah no shit. But I didn't get anything for Christmas so damnit I bought it for myself.

    Then he's like you haven't stopped cooking what are u doing. I made him his dinner. Then I browned the meat before it went bad and made the hamburger helper that I'm preparing for tomorrow. And made myself eggs with ham and potatoes which is till haven't eaten yet.

    Then he tells me don't forget to do the dishes. Even though I just id them an hour ago. Granted there are more there form his meal, my meal, and what I made for tomorrow, but does she think I'll "forget" no sometime si just hate doing them 4 times in one day and I choose to wait until the next day. My god.

    And the cats have been crying and begging for food nonstop though I feed them constantly. I'm going mad. Absolutely mad. I popped some pills so hopefully it will calm me down. But if not I might have to talk to my doctor about upping my dosage.

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