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Kim (xokimox) wrote,
@ 2003-06-11 15:15:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:Just the dreading thoughts of soccer looming in my head..

    So me and Jacob finally bought David his birthday persent. We bought him a porn DVD called Coyote Cuties hahaha. I think we are supposed to watch it in my living room. I'm gonna die today at weights because all I have been drinking is carbonated shit, and thats totally not good for you. I'm too lazy to freakin bring a case of water up here, so I guess I'm just screwing myself.

    I'm having some thoughts about Brittany. She's acting all okay and shit, which makes me think hmm she's not a good liar. Jacob told me his "thoughts" about Adam was just a joke. YEAH RIGHT.

    I asked Brandy if she would make out with me. Okay okay before you say OMG is the story: On Friday at Next Level there is a girl kissing contest and the winner gets 300$. I need the money really bad so I'm jokingly considering it. Jacob was trying to think of a girl that would, and Brandy is slutty like that so I called her and asked her if she would make out with me LMAO. She was like well I would but there might be people there that know me and they would be like "why are u kissing a girl" and I completely understand that because people would say the same to me. I was joking though. I wouldn't make out with a girl unless I was completely drunk and EVERYONE knew it was a joke, and of course the money doesn't hurt. Whatever. I was joking. I would never do that. People would think shit, plus, I'm not one to go and make myself look trashy in front of hundreds of people. Well, I might if I needed the money, but, who would I do that with? Gross.

    I would do it with Rachel b/c I know she wouldn't care. Wouldn't do it with Brittany because she would take it the wrong way. Wouldn't do it with Jessica b/c that shit is too private, plus she hates me. Hmm..anyone that was crazy enough to do it, but not slutty, maybe...probably not though. I think these are one of the things I do our of sheer know..all of my TWO piercings. That shit. ok done for now.

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