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Kim (xokimox) wrote,
@ 2003-06-11 11:37:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:None..

    Just Wakin Up..
    Okay so I just woke up. I'm usually not up this early (11:30) but I had to piss really bad, plus last night I was a loser and didn't do anything after work. Well I wasn't invited anyways. Jacob, Kaci, and Adam went and watched a movie, but decided not to invite idea why, its okay I guess. I don't have to do something every night, even though it's very weird just sitting at home. I don't work today, so you know what that means: Soccer workouts...and I found out a girl thats from Sulphur is playing. I was on her team once, I hate her. That makes two girls from here on the team that I hate. Kyra and Janae...ew ew ew. Kyra is such a slutty bitch. She wore a RED DRESS to freakin graduation. I understand maybe not wearing white..but a blood red sexy slut dress? no no no. Anyways, I haven't really had much to say. I am still having money problems because I still have bills coming in, I still have no food, my stomach isn't getting any flatter or anything. I think thats because I did something to it that day I did those weird sit ups during my workout. I still can't do it. Monday we were supposed to do some more, and I couldn't even sit up once! I had to do weird little crunches that don't do shit. I wonder if I'm "healed" or not, because I feel like such a baby. My hamstrings were pulled so I couldn't finish my running. We had to lift some weights and I was like ummm I can't do this one because I have a bad shoulder and it hurts too much. Couldn't do the sit ups "umm I did something to my stomach last week and can't do these"...And of course on Monday I just happened to go to the one with all of the soccer girls, so of course I looked stupid. Ugh. I feel like such a baby.

    It makes me not want to freakin play soccer, but the 2 girls from here remind me that there are girls worse than me that are on the team. I have played with and against both of them, and first off they play defense, I play offense, so I can't really compare to them, but still. I can beat Kyra b/c she got fat, and Janae is good, but I always got my position so THERE! Anyways, I don't think I have been doing much "deep thinking" lately. Jacob told me he has had thoughts about Adam before..not surprising. Brittany is acting like things are getting better, so I'm waiting for the day when she freaks out again. It will come soon, I can almost guarantee it. More people at Outback are getting married. Why would someone want to ruin their lives this early? Why can't people have fun when they are young Jesus! Okay I don't really have anything important to say so I might as well go, because I'm sure I'm boring you.

    I haven't gone to a club in FOREVER...I'm doing good.

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