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Kim (xokimox) wrote,
@ 2003-09-02 23:24:00
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    Current mood: busy
    Current music:Tom Green shit in the BG

    Twice Today
    Alright so I'm back to write. I open at work tomorrow. Dammit Alli never called me back, which pisses me off lol b/c I needed to know if she could help me out or not.

    I drank a Kamakazi tonite, well two actually because mine broke (hahaha) and Jacob didn't like his. The bottom fell out of my damn drink! I chugged down Jacob's, its funny, its like the only time I see Jacob now is so he can buy me alcohol lol. I mean I haven't seen him in forever and he walks in the door and I'm like hey buy me a drink at Frosty Factory lol.

    Ugh I had alot more to say earlier. I think its really funny when people tell you to call them back and you do 5 minutes later, and they fell asleep. I need to get this person to wake up though b/c they stole their parents cell phone, and their dad will beat em if they get caught..literally.

    My hands smell like shit b/c I had to clean up the big mess after my damn cup broke. I think Patchy's detergent is gross or something b/c all of her towels smell like mildew. Great. I need to go make Heather do her Algebra homework, but she is on the phone with Meeeeegan. I think they have something going on. They are more affectionate than me and Jessica were, and you know what that was about haha. I need to do my stat but I don't feel like it. I think I'm slacking b/c I know I have a long time to play catch up or something.

    Anyways, I had so much more to say earlier but of course I got distracted. I didn't go to Abs of Steel today so I feel like crap haha. Love is a strange thing, you feel like you are going to get in trouble with a parent or something if you do anything wrong. I feel like a little kid if I'm doing something I know they are going to get mad at.

    Oh there is a hottie that lives by me. I don't know his name but I worked out with him during the summer. He invited me over there and I think I might know his roommates so I might stop by for a little bit. Yeah that sounds bad, talking about love one minute and then the next minute talking about some hot guy, but I think its a fun tease haha. It proves to me that the person still cares if they are like "no don't go over there." Which is good, because even though I think I'm in love and stuff, I still have my usual guard up. I don't think anyone can ever break down that shield.

    Did I mention that I think my mom might be a lesbian? I hate how her and Laurie talk about me, so right now they can kiss my ass. Ugh

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