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xo_MissKutie_xo (xojustinsgirlxo) wrote,
@ 2003-10-08 16:53:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:*..::Numb by Linkin Park::..*

    *..::I LOVE MY JUSTIN!!!::..*
    ×·.·´`·so justin and i were talking about it...and we thought about it...and this is the conclusion we have come to: IF YOU DON*T LIKE MY ON~LINE JOURNAL, DON*T FUCKING READ IT!!!! yes, we are sick and tired of hearing you ppl bitch and complain. if you don*t like hearing about me and justin, or anything else in my journal, then don*t read it...HELLO how stupid are you ppl?! anyway, that is what me AND justin came up with

    ×·.·´`·well i spent the last few days at justin*s house. he even said today that i didn*t have to leave...awww how sweet!! i just didn*t want to stay here....besides, his mom is so nice to me. she likes me a lot, so it*s ok for me to stay there "whenever i want to". so i stayed there and i*m glad i did. if it hadn*t been for the fact that i ran out of clothes, i would be there right now.

    ×·.·´`·i had a great time while i was there. the other day when i got there, justin went up to take a shower and i went in to sit down and talk to him like i normally do....WELL i am not going to tell you what happened next, and before your dirty little minds think they know what happened, it wasn*t sex...well, not the "normal" sex anway.

    ×·.·´`·then on monday night, we were watching Predator and i was sitting at one end of the couch and he had his head on my lap and he was laying down on the rest of the couch. so i started to run my fingers through his hair and scratch his head, because he LOVES when i do it. i lifted my hand off his head for one second to itch my nose and he goes "hey, who said you could stop?!" it was i continued to run my fingers through his hair with one hand, and rub his back with the other....then i curled up on the floor and he rubbed my back....awwwz i love him soooooooooo much!

    ×·.·´`·last night was so cute! justin was sitting up on the couch and i was laying down across it with my feet on his lap and he started to give my foot a massage! it was so precious! then he stole my sock and gave me one...he even bit my foot! hehe...what a babe...then he decided to put on this scary ass halloween mask and when i came up from helping his mom, him and his brother in the basement, he had it on and came around the corner of the basement door and i SCREAMED! he said it was cute but you know, it was pretty scary!! haha

    ×·.·´`·this morning was sweet too...we woke up at 7ish cuz his mom was headed for work and stuff...and he was wrapped up in his blanket and i was wrapped up in mine and we cuddled up on the couch and watched cute is that?!?! then we started to wrestle for a list of um, "things" i wrote down for him that i want him to choose from and he looks at me and goes: "YOU LOOK HOT IN MY PAJAMA PANTS!!!" it was cute...then he went up and took a shower....

    ×·.·´`·i ran a bubble bath and turned off the bathroom light and crawled in it...well justin came in and decided he wanted to take a bubble bath too...which turned into a shower...which turned into something that you young kids shouldn*t even talk about!! so i won*t tell you what happened....*LOL*

    ×·.·´`·so now i*m home for a day or two then maybe back to his house...i*m gonna see if he wants to stay here friday night since we usually spend the night at his house...we*ll see tho....GOD i am so in love with my boy justin....AWWWWWWZ!!!

    ×·.·´`·so yea, if you DON*T like reading my journal, or if you DON*T like hearing about me and justin because you*re pissed off cuz we are in love and your not...haha...then DON*T read my journal anymore and STOP YOUR BITCHING!!!!!

    ×·.·´`·check out the quizzes!! the first one is kinda funny since justin always calls me his princess...hehe....gotta go, gotta finish my nails, do some hw and wait for my justin to call me...hehe talk about 2 ppl in love!

    ×·.·´`·i love you justin!!! xoxo baby·.·´`·×

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