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Amanda (xoinsatiableox) wrote,
@ 2003-06-27 15:44:00
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    Current mood: anxious
    Current music:Avril Lavigne; Skater Boy

    omg im soooooooooo bored
    ok im bored as ever theres really nothing to do ive already eatin everything in site im gonna get sooo fat...not like im not fat already....grrrr i really need to lose weight im not even gonna tell u how much i weighed i mean it was less then what it was last time i was at the doctors...but still. Its been 18mths since ive had robert and 3 1/2 years since i had gia i think i should be pretty close to the weight i was when i got preg but im not even close. I dont understand. ooo well i guess im just gonna have to live in fattness misery the rest of my life. Maybe after we move there'll be a gym i can go to that has a daycare center. Tomorrow i have to go to my sis in laws house we;ll prob be there all day i hope i can at least get a better tan. Sittin in the yard is startin to get annoying cause all i have is a folding chair and sittin outside in 100 degree weather on a folding chair is no fun. blah blah blah. its so hott outside i can't even do what i wanna do upstairs cause its too damn hot. I don;t even think we're gonna put the air in our room. Ive been sleepin on the futon the last couple days and its sooo comfortable my back hasn't even been hurtin. Guess what??? after over 2 weeks my period finally went away yay im sure u all just couldn;t wait for that information haha.....ok im gonna go b4 i bore u soo much u kill urself

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2003-07-05 19:03 (link)

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