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dani (xohugskissesxo) wrote,
@ 2003-10-14 00:37:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:StaggaLee >> roc your body [mic check 1,2]

    o shitt
    yea. it's prettty bad. i'm really upset and theings could not get any worse then they are right now. talked to tina for bout an hour yesterday. we were talking about our games this weekend and this whole jackie business. then jackie calls me. (since i finally got my phone privelges back) and we talk for like an hour n and half. we talked about her situation with the team,it wasn't definite - but she was almost positive. even just the thought of her leaving got me down. she is my best friend, and one of my closest friends. i will miss her so much. yea yea we will keep in touch and still hang out but its going to be so different. it's gonna be hard as hell.

    hmmm yea talked to jackie today again for like an hour. she's defintely leaving. shes going to the Tornados. She's gonna finish fallball wit us bt shes leaving for spring. :( >> i was thinking to myself o this is good you know we will still have a bunch of fallball games togther. yea and then i look at our schedule. fallball ends in 2 weeks. that means we have only 4 more games. 4 more games with jackie and thats it. no more hanging out all together after games and practices. she won't be my catcher anymore. she was the only one who actually kept me sane and going on the field. now more nationals trips together. no more late nights in the hotel rooms for tournements. i never thought this would happen with jackie. cole and steepy were enough. now her. i dont even know what to do. i can't just get over it. what should i do? hey what can i doo? nothing. just gotta get over it. it's gonna be hard as anything but it has to happen. >> for a week and 2 days i have known of this and i can't get over it what-so-ever. i'm gonna miss her so much >>

    >> friday i'm sposed to go ice skating with Marko. a buncha pple r gonna be there...[hmm brett anthony hmmm] that is just from what i heard. {:*} this should be interesting. 2 weeks >> we r going to fright fest!!!
    me bean jacks cole and amanda. tina cant cuz shes going this weekend with her boyfriend. hmmmf. whatever. i want eh to come tho. its gonna be awsome.

    Sunday... went uptown again for the Octoberfest_again. hmm met up wth a buncha pple>> alexandra melissa lisa linda danny anthony mike brian ryan [jesse and don for a lil] we ended up hangin out for a couple hours. it was so much funn. holyyy shiiiit. anthony = hottnesss. wow. yea. moving onn. we all definitely have to hang out again. it was great seeing them again. ...>>i g2g im really tired.
    x0x <33
    ll dani ll

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