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Ashley (Akalei) (xohawaiinbabixo) wrote,
@ 2003-09-02 15:52:00
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    Current mood: crappy
    Current music:sweet home alabama soundtrack...i<3it!

    I am falling down...
    once again...i havnt been updating, but its not like you seriously wanna hear what i've been doing or what i havnt...your just reading because you have nothing better to do....anyways...the last day of summer and wow, what a boring day, shitty outside...and did nothing!!! what a surprise...was finally cleared from i can actually cheer now!! yes, im very excited to go back and finally be apart of the team. hmm.. what else...okay i dont know if this ever happens to you or im just weird....not like you didnt know already..heh....okay i randomly start to happens anywhere, i just start crying and feel like absolute shit, over anything...weird, right??

    right, went off track back to my day....went out to eat with my grandmother...omg...seriously all we talk about is church...and i mean i love my faith, religion and everything, but ah!! i cant take it. my family is so obsessed about it, one day its gonna kill as you see lunch was blah. then went to doctors and yep...thats it so i need to go shopping...badly. i have no more clothes...and i need something for tomorrow...gotta look good....or okay, at least. i hope danny can drive me!!!!!! i dont want to ride the bus with my sister who wears my clothes, ALL THE TIME!!! or steals my make-up!!!

    Usually im excited to go back to school and see everyone...but its too soon...its only the 2nd!! and already were back at school...blah...and i didnt read so screwed!!

    oh, and i got glasses...not dorky ones, even though i look like one with them on! haha...but its onyl for reading so its not that comes my mom to scream at me that my room isnt we go...."Ashley, this room is a shithole!! You just cleaned it last night...Get offline and clean your room....Clean up're a shit okay mom.....yes this is one of my mothers usual everyday conversations.

    so my dad starts to leave for london this sorry, i love my dad with all my heart but all he does is complain that the house is a he home?? is he?? no i dont think so he never why does he care if the house is clean, he doesnt have to look at it!!!

    jack is back at college....i miss her!!! very much...and her clothes hahaha!! im just joking jack!

    so i think thats it for now...
    (thanks for listening to this shit)
    xo* ash

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