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Ashley (Akalei) (xohawaiinbabixo) wrote,
@ 2003-08-20 11:00:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:maroon5 - cd

    Cherry cokes under this moonlight summer sky...

    What swear word are you?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    "Here in this diary,
    I write you visions of my summer.
    It was the best I ever had.
    There were choruses and sing-alongs,
    and that unspoken feeling
    of knowing that right now is all that matters.
    All the nights we stayed up talking
    listening to 80's songs;
    and quoting lines from all those movies that we love.
    It still brings a smile to my face.
    I guess when it comes down to it... "

    sorry, i havnt written in this in awhile...
    this summer sorry but it has....nothing extremely fun and interesting happened, just boring. then mono came...seriously where did it come from!?!?...cheerleading i just sit there, watching, dieing to cheer with them!!....usually i 'babysit' the JV. i love the JV girls....i have so much fun with them. yesturday morning i was trying to help kaitlin to do a back handspring...but it didnt work...anways...

    "Being grown up isn't half as fun as growing up:
    These are the best days of our lives.
    The only thing that matters
    is just following your heart
    and eventually you'll finally get it right."

    Bout this whole london scenario...yea so its definete....i have no idea when im going! and thats driving me insane!! visiting the schools on the 6th of october, alreadi faxed my applications...i hope i get into southbank!! ((dont ask)) my dad's trying to procrastinate, on purpose, the whole moving thing until january...i hope i move then b.c october and november are way to god, im gonna miss everyone like crazy....i mean if anyone wanted to visit me, you hafta cross a fucking ocean....not like an hour drive or anything...oh and if anyone wanted to talk to me, i hafta wait till 10 at night...b.c of course theres a 5 hour difference!....this is just crazii! and of course, ill be visiting NJ a hell of alot! and personally, i dont know what to think about this. i cant be pesstimistic about this whole thing, b.c if anybody remembers me from the 7th grade... i went to holmdel and i was so angry. i hated to be talked to and i was really quiet....a perfect describtion of a loser. so i dont want that to happen again...and im kind of excited, dont get me wrong, im gonna miss my home and everything, but not everyday someone moves to a different country....okay nvm i take that back, yes ppl move everyday...but this is a one in a lifetime thing for im excited, nervous, and upset at the same time....thats confusing.

    "Breaking into hotel swimming pools,
    and wreaking havoc on our world.
    Hanging out at truck stops just to pass the time.
    The black top's singing me to sleep.
    Lighting fireworks in parking lots,
    illuminate the blackest nights.
    Cherry cokes under this moonlit summer sky.
    2015 Riverside, it's time to say, "goodbye."
    Get on the bus, it's time to go."

    so now i have to cleaning this

    ~xo, me!

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