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kayCe <33 (xobabykayox) wrote,
@ 2003-08-04 22:45:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:All the small thingz-Blink182

    My DaY
    woke up at 9;30 and it was thundering so i ran and got dressed and ran up 2 debbiez b4 it started storming fed the catz petted morris until it thundered than i ran back down the hill and went inside and watched the wild thornberrys and ate home-made waffles! *yuM* than went 2 sleep on the couch and emily woke me up at like 12 or somethin and asked me if i wanted taco bell and of course i was soo tired and i was like no and just went back 2 sleep than woke up around 1;45 than got on the computer till like 2;45 than watched tv till like 3 than got back on the computer got off at like 3;30 and took a shower than just kinda watched tv till like 6;30 and it started storming like always everyday in august it rained but newayz my mom didnt wanna drive me up there cuz it was rainin so hard so i watched tv than i wanted 2 go outside and wanted magg 2 come with me but my mom is a fun sucker!! and she said noo i dont want maggie all wet and i didnt wanna get my hair wet or clothes so i got a jacket got sweat pants a winter head thingy and a swim cap!! lOL! put it all on than went outside 4 awhile than it started lightning really bad and it was like really close so i just went in and took all that stuff off than my mom drove em somewhere than she came back and took me 2 debbies than i came home and drank a chocolate milkshake *yUm* than i read some of where the red fern grows on and off of reading listening 2 the radio and watching tv got 2 chapters read a couple good songs listened 2 *suM neLly song;girlfriend;in those jeans;back down;in da club;if i cant;-dont ask i listened 2 sum songz on tha 5o cent cD* than at 10 i watched road rules! and kara left :'( i liked her better than donnell-- than this weird girl came-- and i had 2 cover my eyes 4 like 5 minutez of the show cuz they were killing a live chicken *aWw* poor chicken!! than i came downstairs and now im writing in thiz;;ohh i saw the most hilarious video;;eminem and dr. dre;; i was watching a blink 182 video and omg one of those guys face looks exactly like *hIz* it iz so freaky!!

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