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kayCe <33 (xobabykayox) wrote,
@ 2003-07-26 18:33:00
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    Current mood: surprised
    Current music:NoThinG

    My FaMilY!
    i just got in from the pooL//family reunuion! first it was sooo boring i just sat and listened to my cd player than every1 ate but em didnt bring me taco bell and i wanst gonna eat that food so i sat and waited than when everyone was done we played bingo than me jacob evan brandon and zac went out on the playground *fun fun* than we went up 2 tha pool and i wasnt gonna get in but ricky insisted i did and i was like noo! and than jacob and evan came and threw water all over me and got me all wet so than i was like oh well cuz i was already wet newayz than when adult swim was over we got water and threw it on emily and ricky and tried to get ricky in the water but than he got all mad and goes i swear to god if u touch me ill hurt u and me and jacob were scared cuz he really could hurt us! but evan kept throwing water on him than every1 was throwing it on emily than we all went back down and like hardly neone waz there than me jacob and evan were talking than em came up and started talking to us than ricky would occasionly get in the convo than me jacob and evan went out to the merry go round or whatever it waz than we wanted ricky 2 push us and hes like no i gotta go home and take a shower i got a party 2 go 2 and girls 2 meet so than we just kinda pushed ourself than evan started acting all gay so we went back 2 the shelter than jacob and evan went with april and raeanne and than me and em were getting ready 2 leave and than she gave me a note from them and it was soo hilarious! cuz it was like im kayce and i love michael jackson and the show doggy fizzle televizzle than I like Penguins 2... and i have no clue where that came from.. newayz than me and emily left and now im here.. it was kinda fun! i gotta nickname.. casper and whitey! lOL! ricky was like are you scared of the sun? hahah!it was KinDa...FuN! loL! well i dunno where every1 iz 2day and court may be mad 2 cuz i never came back outside but i was waitin 4 her 2 come out than i was gonna buT she never came bAck so maybe sHE wAs doinG the sAme! than I got soo huNgry cuz i didnt eat nething since last niGht so i haad to eat a hot doG! eWw!

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