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kayCe <33 (xobabykayox) wrote,
@ 2003-08-30 23:40:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:Addicted-Simple Plan

    well i just got back in from outzide!!! it all started at like 7 wen i went 2 take in thaa cat food everyone waz outside and they asked if i wanted 2 play spot light so i was like surre.. than my parents left so i couldnt go out than they were ringing my doorbell and calling and than shanna got online and imed me and asked where i was and hwy i wanst answering da door or nothin than shes like well just come out to yur fence and we can talk than when ur parentz get home we can go play with everyone else so we just kindaa talked than my parents got home and i ran outside than like no one waz out there but me shanna garrett shane matt and kyle there was like 10 ppl out there at like 7 thouu but than thiz boy came down no clue who he waz and they were like being mean calling him the punk and crapp and i was like aww wanna play with us and their like kayce count no dont ask him and than hes like no i cant but i had 2 ask like 50 timezz before he answered okay than kyle had 2 go home and shane left cuz he hated matt or somethin- than me matt garrett and shanna were talkinn aboutt like carzz and than like they started running cuz they saw this car that was like the snipers or something than we didnt think much of it but like it like went and than turned around and we ran off screaming and than like matts like that guy had a shot gun and than like matt had 2 go in thann shanna wanted 2 go in but me and garrett told her 2 stay out and talk so we just sat around n talked n crapp than garrett had 2 go so i walked ova 2 shannaz and we talked like 4 an hour than i went home when her mom got home and than im here now

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