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kayCe <33 (xobabykayox) wrote,
@ 2003-08-30 11:24:00
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    Current mood: bitchy
    Current music:Dem Boyz-Nelly

    Im so freakin mad
    last night i pretty much sat on the computer finishin a webpage i started lazt week- but anyway i fell asleep at like 3 somethin and than my dad freakin woke me up at like 9 screaming about whatever than i went back 2 sleep than he like freakin screamed and scared me half to death at like 10;30 saying 2 go 2 debbiez than it waz raining and i was like hello itz raining and hes like well walk so i had 2 walk up there in the rain if i had 2 be miserable than well maggie might as well cum wit me 2 and im writin in thizz cuz i gotta go soon i hate him like weve done nothing but fight this entire week get off the computer bla bla well ima stay on the computer az long az i want mister and theres nothing u can do it about it u man...well maybe i wouldnt be on the computer all day if we would actually do something around here i cant do anythiong or go anywhere because they dont trust anyone i wanted 2 walk 2 wendys so bad in the summa but noo they dont trust anyone on that road even thouu they no 1 perzon..well i waz like can i go live with mamaw and their like yes go ahead go to stonewall and i was like NO! im not goin 2 stonewall they can drive me over here everyday and their like no uve gotta go 2 stonewall cuz its in the district well whatever im about 2 go 2 stonewall if they dont quit bein so over-protective but stonewall so freakin sux and i could never live up there cuzz -no internet -no charter cable -10 catz if i lived up there with 10 catz id have 2 freakin get a shot everyday well fine id live outside or something- i dont think theyd be so over-protective newayz i gotta go

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