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kayCe <33 (xobabykayox) wrote,
@ 2003-08-16 18:41:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:Snake(Remix)-R Kelly

    NoT muCh
    woke up at 1;30 went downstairs got on the computer went and took a shower watched eminem and his top 25 countdown but there were no good onez except like 2 of his videos a nas video and a ludacris the rest were all these old onez so those i didnt watch than i watched tv read more in where the red fern grows *yawn* than thats pretty much it i dont think my dog likse ja rule because i had 2 pics the same size one of ja rule and one of 50 cent and she was in my room than like 5 min later i looked and ja rule was gone and she was smelling 50 cent so i think she ate it! well therres nothin much 2 say its so boriNG! okay Nellys on Loaded on Wed. and than Eminems on Friday but ill probally miss the eminem 1 cuz we might be at kingz island than! oh well thats better than sum eminem thing! well i g2g now cuz theres this eminem thing on at 7;30 and plus theres nothin elze 2 say!

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