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kayCe <33 (xobabykayox) wrote,
@ 2003-08-15 22:40:00
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    Current mood: aggravated
    Current music:Nastradamus-Nas

    Mixed Stuff
    i dunno why im updating im bored!! i watched the cheetah girlz! gosh that one girl is so annoying! her face and the way she talks is annoying! it just annoys me! lol! kinda like i annoy half yall! sorry 4 that! sometimes i just have the urge to annoy someone so i im them and tell them everything i no about eminem and nelly! loL!! its fun for me but i dont think its very fun for them well i cannot find the song nastradamus newhere so i had to go to real player and its only half and theres one at mtv thats only half so now i want the nastradamus cd instead of gods son because i love nastradamus and i like that one with ginuwine in it soo thats on my list now! lol! i feel sick cuz i just sprayed half that crappy spray stuff 2 get rid of it and i think i got 2 much in my hair and i can still smell it and its sick! well im gettin my hair highlighted! its gonna look ghetto!! lol! like if i got white higlights than id look like a skunk! lol!

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