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>>Danielle Castrignano<< (xo_d_babii_ox) wrote,
@ 2004-05-06 16:26:00
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    1. Full Name: Danielle Renee Castrignano

    2. Nicknames: Danielle_D*BaBii_SugA_DizzNess_Penguin ( lol Jenn )

    3. Screen name: Xo D BaBii 8 oX

    4. Sex: Sexii BLonDe

    5. Birthday: January 7th , 1992

    6. Age: 12

    7. Height: Ar0unD 5'1

    8. Hair Color: bLoNde

    9. Is your hair long or short: in between..sorta long-ish

    10. Eye Color: bLue

    11. Where Did You Live: aLwAyz Hurr

    12. Location now: ShAvErt0wn _ HaRvEy's LaKe

    13. Siblings: D0m _ FrAnK

    15. Who are your best friends?: 2 mAny 2 c0uNt

    16. Who makes you laugh the most? JeNn

    17. Who knows the most about you? aLL uf Um

    . Boy/girlfriend status- SiNgLe

    19. What are you scared of: SnAkEz

    20. Who's your role model: ReeSe WiThErSp0oN aNd JeSSicA SiMps0n =) !!

    21. Have you ever done any drugs: no and i dont plan to.

    22. Do you collect anything: n0t that i kn0w uf

    23. Are you a ditz: YeA * HaHa


    1. Day of the week: FrIdAy

    3. Thing in your room: computer

    4. Food: i duno

    5. Restaurant: not shure

    6. Cousin: Jenn N JoRdyN

    7. Actress: reese witherspoon

    8. Actor: AdAM sAnDLeR _ AsHt0n KuTcHeR

    9. Songs: YeAh _ SaLt SHaKeR _ Im s0o Hott _ MaNyy Mo0re

    10. Music Video: YeAh

    11. Animal: PuPPy

    12. Ice Cream: Co0kiE d0e

    13. Drink: PePsi

    14. Yogurt: EwWw

    15. Things: I dun0

    16. Sport: s0ccer _ FH _TrAck _BbaLL

    17. Movie of all time: MeAn GuRLz

    18. Perfume/cologne: ralph lauren

    19. Hangoutz:mall.movies.

    20. Favorite pizza topping: i like it plain..

    21. Sesame Street character: elmo

    22. Where do you see yourself in 10 years: I dun0

    23. What's your dream car: Z3 bAbY <-- dAmn RiiGhT

    24. If you could live anywhere: cinderellas castle

    25. Dream house: I dun0

    26. do u want to get married: yeahh

    27. How many kids do you want: 2

    28. Girls name: Angela _ Brittney

    29. Boy's name: id hafta think about that one ..


    1. Worst feeling in the world?: Not FeeLing Loved

    2. Best feeling in the world?: Being LoVed Back

    3. Can you define love?: not unless i look it up

    4. Do you get along with your parents?: depends

    5. Are you ticklish?: veryy

    6. Who is your best friend of the opposite sex ?: aLot =) .. happy for that


    1. What do you wear to bed: usually shorts and a cami

    2. What's your bedtime: wen im tired

    3. Do you wish on falling stars: is that even possible ?? i dont get it ..

    4. Is there a TV in your room: yeah

    5. What's the last thing you do before you fall asleep? talk

    6. Who do you talk to on the phone the most: LoTz of ppL

    7. Farthest you've been away from home: LaS VaGeS

    8. How many schools have you been to: 2 Pre SkewL and EleMenTy ( s0on 3 MiddLe )

    9. Vanilla or chocolate: both?

    10. Craziest/funniest dream: i dunno

    11. Would you rather be hot or cold: how about warm?

    12. What is your curfew: whut the hell is a curfew ??


    1. Do you glow in the dark: all the time .. lol

    2. Do you posses magical abilities: i dont get it

    3. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?: a lot of stuff

    4. Do you know anyone who SERIOUSLY wanted to kill themselves?: no

    6. Who do you really hate?: Jessica Alba

    7. What(who) are you addicted to?: waverunner !

    8. Do you like jewelry?: YeAh

    9. Do you wear a watch? no

    10 Did/Do you have braces? neVer

    11. How many buddies do you have online right now?: 48 ppL

    13. Do you type with your fingers on the right keys?: pshh- no

    14. Out of all your friends and family, who do you think will become famous?: J0rDyn

    15. Do you sleep a lot?: i dun0

    16. What do you think is the perfect amount of hours to sleep?: i dunno maybe like 10 hours?

    17. Are you a night or morning person?: definatly nite..

    18. Who is the loudest person you know?: Amanda ( lol mandy )

    19. Are you lefty or righty or ambidextrous?: righty

    20. When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried?: when frankies friend jordan was duin impressions of ppl hahahhahaha

    22. Do you believe in God?: yeppp

    23. Do you believe that there is one person you are made to be with the rest of your life?: i dun0

    24 How was the weather today?: warm.. but freezing ( lol )

    25 Do you believe in love at first sight?: sumtimes

    fill it up nd send it to ppl ..

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2004-05-17 19:25 (link)
i'm on the FH, and track team and all i gotta say is good luck surviving next year IF your on the FH team, cuz if you are your not gonna make varsity sorry

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Re: .....
2004-05-18 19:20 (link)
umm ok .. i dont plan to = /

-:- Danielle -:-

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Re: .....
2005-02-04 21:45 (link)
haha wow i mean its 2-4-05 and im looking at all my old stuff and i did make the varsity team and i was better than alot of the people so fuck you all :)

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