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Shelby (xo1barbie1ox) wrote,
@ 2003-11-28 21:18:00
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    Current mood:irritated
    Current music:tyrese-nobody but u

    At the dads crib...
    Hey...Well im hOnEsTlY ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENED 2DAY. what happened all week tho was perty fun i guess. i mainly hung out with jordan,chase,rhianna,adam and josh. {JORDAN IS SO HOTT} like WHOA buddy. well me and rhianna are getting perty close i guess. she's perty crunk~ lol o ya MY MOM CAME HOME ONE DAY AND THEY WERE THERE AND I GOT IN MAJOR SHIT...hehe. funny stuff tho! [im not allowed to have guys over especially inside the house with NO supervision]. this is the [first] time of me getting caught at this. {damn} lol. o well. u live u learn!? BUT newayz 2day this is what happened...i woke up and got on the computer watched a movie and got back on the computer ALL DAY LONG. i re-done my profile [so check it out]. ill write back probably tomorrow. things will get a lot more interesting when im at HOME. well actually probably not 4 u cuz im not going to put it on the internet!! hehe! mwuh much luv. o ya and today SOOO sucked ass cuz i havent had a cigarette since yesterday. [damn]

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