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All the secrets and mistakes (xnatures_mercyx) wrote,
@ 2004-02-09 00:10:00
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    Current mood: numb
    Current music:cauterize

    Faded away like the color in a blue sky at the end of the day.
    Night falls and the search begins for something better than this.


    well it is 12:12 monday, early morning and i just finished folding laundry took a nice shower, and now im drinking some nice hot tea.. yeah word.

    So friday i sat on my ass, oh and then jaque came over, wahoo.

    saterday was the our own guilt show, at molly blooms. they did good. michael was practically dead. phil and i went to his house in the morning and he was coughing up blood and sheot, it was pretty sick. yuumm. yeah and dave's wrist was all effed up. niceee. yeah so anyway

    A scream or a cry, the truth or a lie,
    I'm not sure they will save us this time.
    I don't wanna be around
    when it all comes down to watch something beautiful die.


    after the show i went to rachel's and we had dinner and played around with clothes and music and whatnot. it was fun. oh and our wonderful reportcard, you know it.

    sunday i went to the mall with my dearest mother and then went to the movies around 6:45 to see the perfect score. it was pretty good. It was Rachel, greg, christie, casey, scully and me. word

    i was kinda disapointed i didn't get to hang out with jen, nycole, or mike.

    mike is grounded, aiudhfakdf gayyy but whatever yo.

    You said the only way was to run away.
    You're sick of me so you just can't stick around to hear me pleading
    (I'm pleading).
    Does it show?
    I'm pathetic, I know.
    I just can't stand here and watch you go.
    I'm running after you (I'm running after you).


    but now i have to blow dry my hair, and go to sleep.

    later. much love // white power <33 mac.

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2004-02-09 16:51 (link)
haha yeah
White Supremessy

Triple W,P

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2004-02-10 23:36 (link)
haha bryan you are a crazzzy kid.

haha later. -mac.

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so, who wants pancakes?
2004-02-11 17:45 (link)

    yea so the past weekend was great.

    ahh, i gotta pee [- you, casey, and i run down the isle -] haha!

    yea michael's report card, o boy o boy. it was perfect. except for that little blue dorito blunder.
    blue doritos <3 haha.

    man i love that "cool kid" smily face...'re my sweet charade...

    - | rachel | -

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