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×»¤MϧsŠß£í§s¤«× (xmissxblissx) wrote,
@ 2005-06-21 22:17:00
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    Current mood: disappointed
    Current music:Guess who... My bff.

    I'm not mad. Surprisingly. What's the point? I've pretty much given up on that. I just don't care.
    Ahhhhh... feeling in the heart. I dont like it... ef. I had an amazing day tho. Who knew that a person could have so much fun at ikea. Really, who? And who knew that hot dogs could taste so good? Haha. We went to ikea for lunch. Then go-karting and OMG I LOVED IT. Haha. I dont think I've had that much fun in forever. I'll admit, I was a little hesitant at first, but holy shit am I glad I went. I bravely wore a skirt. Pretty sure that the girl helping me in the kart got more than she bargained for. lol. but w/e. but it was ridiculously fun. cutting people off. And passing them when they try to cut you off. Fuck. I had an absolute blast. It was, no question about it, THE best part of my day. nurse hat and all. holy fuck. it was just actually so good. Its definitely something that i want to do again. The last time I went was in Mesquite at our hotel. I dont remember it being that much fun. I hope we stay at the same place, cause that would be really fun. My back hurts a wee bit from it, but nothing i cant handle. I'm tough. I can handle anything. Bring it bitch. :P And then I went to a park. Sucked that the water ban thing was on... but it was still fun. Did a little bit of this. A little bit of that. Pretty good time. I got some sun and someone else got more sun than they wanted, i think. then went "home". Little bit of this, a lot of that! And that's the end of my day. We end there. And here I am.

    I honestly think I'd go crazy without my mp3. I swear, it keeps me sane. Track 53. Yup. *like nothing could go wrong* Kalyn loves repeat. And her mp3.

    I had the wieeeeeeeeerdest dream. I had a dream that I was at work and it was raining really hard outside. I had to go to the bathroom so I left to another building right outside and Dustin and another guy were standing outside the building. I didnt awknowledge either one of them and they didnt awknowledge me. I continued inside the building. I went down this flight of stairs and found that there was just a tiny space of nothing down there, so I climbed a ladder up from that floor. I climbed a few flights of stairs and then I remember Dustin throwing a tampon at me. And then someTHING telling me to close the door as I continued down the flights of stairs (?I guess I went to the bathroom? and was going back down ). I guess I thought it was an explosive or something, so I kept throwing it, closing the door, and then continuing down the stairs, but each time I'd close the door the "explosive" would come back to me. And then I got back to work... somehow... and all these people had come in, so everyone was pissed off at me. And this lady wanted a high chair for her baby. I told her that ours were wooden but that we had plastic booster seats... so she came with me and the high chairs were plastic and blue and she was all pissy cause I lied, even though I actually didnt. It was theeeeeeee weirdest dream I've had in a while. Anyways. That's about it. I think if you go to you can find out what your dream means. I think I'll do that. I have an idea.. interpretation of my thoughts obviously, but what those thoughts are... who knows? But I'd like to know, even though the internet dream translator means jack shit. The end.

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