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¨¤°« V渚ØяîÄ»°¤¨ (xmiseryxchildx) wrote,
@ 2004-01-08 15:51:00
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    argh! my moms such a fucking dyke!! i was bein bored and my sister starts burning paper with my incense so im like.. .this looks fun, so i start to do it... my moms like VICTORIA wahts what?! and im like NOTHING. and she comes in the fuckin kitchen and shes like IM SO SICK OF THIS PIECE OF SHIT! and snaps it in half and im like YOU FUCKING BITCH! GIMMIE IT ITS NOT URS TO FUCKIN TERRORIZE!! and shes like IF YOU BURN MY HOUSE WHOS FAULT WOULD IT BE!?! WHAT THE HELL WERE U THINKING?! and im like.. yanno i dont even fucking care, whatever, so i walk up to my room, slam the door and kick the living shit outa my wall and door and screamed YOUR A FUCKING DYKE!!!!.. now shes comin up the starts, slams the door open and is like.... DONT YOU CALL ME THAT WORD!!! so im like ... i wouldnt have if u didnt break my shit!!! and shes like.. i never broke any of ur shit and im like... YOU JUST DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u just broke my fucking Incense!! and that wasnt cheap either!!! and shes like..... I DONT WANT TO HEAR THAT WORD! DONT YOU DARE SAY THAT WORD TO ME!! and she puts me up against the wall and starts hittin me and im like I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT FUCKING WORD I SAID!!!!!!!!!! I SAID A LOT!!! and she hits me again and is like... THAT WORD!! so i start crackin up and im like... just foget it mom u sould like ur in fucking preschool. i can sware, u do it all the fucking time! and she just gave me the eye and left. and i shouted CLOSE MY DOOR ON THE WAY OUT! so she did, and then i got fucking mad and she was in the laundry room so ii screamed AIM GONNA BREAK UR FUCKING STUFF!! THAT INCENSE THATS YOUR AND IS A LITTLE PIECE OF SHIT THAT LOOKS LIKE A HOUSE I WILL FUCKING SMASH!! cuz i knew that was from my grandfather.. but i dont care, the fact that she SNAPPED IT IN HALF really pisses me off.. it wwasnt fukin hers..

    so my evil plan is buy a similar one of the hers, and then be really mad at her, and be like IM SICK OF UR SHIT!! take it outta the closet and smash it... and when shes starts screamin i can be like HAHAHHA U FELL FOR IT YOU DUMB BITCH!! and pull out hers.... :-D hahaha im so evil...


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