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*~Lexxi~* (xluffin_jamesx) wrote,
@ 2003-11-28 22:56:00
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    Current mood:awake
    Current music:Snap_Slipknot

    Hey everyone! Sorry I missed saying Happy Turkey Day yesterday but I was at Mr. Rocky's & Mrs. Kitten's grandparent's house sittin down and havin myself a damn feast!! Everyone there hadn't seen me in a while so basically all the old people pinched my cheeks until they almost rotted off....heh... I took two plates home and I ate mine when I got home, lol...,so there is really nothing much left now, exsept a roll.

    I went to Drew's house today. He came by at 5:45 this morning and we catched the Early Bird sale @ Wally World...aka Wal*Mart (for those of you who don't know ;) - Me and him both were looking for the Bruce Almighty DVD, and you know freakin what!? There was two huge racks full of empty slots all 190 degrees around the display..., and they were all empty...not one DVD left. And after I saw it I was like,"Good God...there's gotta be one.." and as I looked around it seemed like everyone had one in their carts..Drew noticed it too.

    Drew was being an ass and made me go get everything for him...brb to tell more..South Park is on!

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2003-11-29 01:21 (link)
hey i added u to my list..niiice comment links

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2003-11-29 10:03 (link)
did I miss something? I never saw Bruce Almighty...was it that good that everyone in Wal mart had to buy it but I didnt? lol

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2003-11-30 10:58 (link)
Hey, thanks for adding me chicka! I love your journal it took me an hour to do these comment links..
HHHEEEEYYYYY MANDY!!! *hugs* yeah, it was that hectic at wal was like a revolutionary war over the Bruce Almighty DVDs. lol.

Pugs and Kisses,


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