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XlilmisscgX (xlilmisscgx) wrote,
@ 2003-08-11 16:45:00
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    Current mood: anxious
    Current music:y tel - punk rock girl

    ummmm today was interesting....i dunno....i think im the only person that hates the new skool. i dont even call it freedom cuz that name is sooo gay. im ashamed to go there. well anyway i say alot of cute guys but i that still doesnt make it better. i dunno y im so attached to cypress. my first period was cool...i got to sit next to sarah and omeil and mike....they r too hilarious. there's alot of juniors in that class and is it just me or is mr. erickson alot cooler? o well....second was really cool too. i have so muchloud ppl in my class....and sum of them r hot so im not complaing :P 3rd i have geometry....need i say more? manda's in that class and thats about it. 4th was cool but i think im the only one thats a sophmore in that class! :p sux and there is this guy that keeps staring at me! omg i hate it. anyway lunch totally bites.....hardly any of my frendz were i found tasha even tho....nvm. lol well chorus was horrible...there r only 12 ppl in our class. it was a huge change...last year there were 105 ppl in our class anywayz in my 6th there is a shyt load of 40 and i dont get a desk. well thats my day in a nutshell....not cool, huh? thats my life

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