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ReptilE (xladyofc4rnagex) wrote,
@ 2003-12-22 17:05:00
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    Current mood: discontent
    Current music:trance wheewhee

    omg my computer just moved. oh well, survey me found. I think I've already taken it tho. lolol

    huh? DERF. LOL

    1 Name: I are Steff
    2 Nicknames: Spade, Kittie, Retard
    3 School: OBHS
    4 Age: 14
    5 Sex: mmmm....O_o..... feeeeemmmmmmmaaaaleelelele
    6 Height: 5"1
    7 Birthday: October 26
    8 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
    9 Eye color: Hazel-ish..they change color
    10 Hair color: Brown
    11 <~~~~~the question for this would be....? MONKEYS!!!!
    12 Pets: My sister!
    13 Siblings: My sister!
    14 School: DIE RAAHH
    15 Hobbies: Drawing, Sleeping, DDR, that stuff.
    16 Pets: dude i don't know, but i think you went repeat-y

    17 Color: Purple! LOL yay!
    19 Food: Instant Food/ramen from midori \m/
    20 Drink: Soda and....yeah. iced tea.
    21 Restraunt: take-out yay!
    22 Football Team: no, you = stupid
    23 Sport: FENCING!!!! YEAH! and karate.
    24 Music band: I can't remember v_v
    25 Boy band: ah, no.
    26 Female Singer: erm. person from arch enemy, can't remember name.
    27 Male Singer: monkeys
    28 Actor: ben stiller! YAY!
    29 Actress: uh, idk! YAY
    30 Movie: O_O ZOOLANDER!!
    31 Quote from movie: "There has to be more to life than being really, really, really ridiculously good-looking."
    32 Place to go on vacation? NO! lol
    33 Mall? Roosevelt Field. yay
    34 Song? erm...MILKSHAKE SONG LOL
    35 Store? erm hot topic. and i love this little vintage store in massachusetts. =P
    36 Season? erm.....idk
    37 Cartoon? O_O idk, Ed Edd and Eddy!
    39 Teacher? my art teacher, shes awesome
    40 Subject? ART
    41 Flower? dying black roses
    42 TV show? anything on Adult Swim/cartoon network
    43 Animal? tiger! raaaa!
    44 Quote? "Fuck off you little product of a broken condom!" -Me
    45 Holiday? Halloween
    46 Board Game? twister, but i dun really know if thats a board game
    47 Disney Movie? erm, idk
    48 Radio Station? K-Rock
    49 TV Channel? Fuse and teh metal channel
    50 Emotion? ....nothing
    51 Magazine? porn

    52 Is the most important person in your life? eh, uh, people
    53 Is your best friend? idk
    54 Have you known the longest of your friends? Steph and Chris
    55 Do you cry to? me
    56 Do you get the most surveys from? this website.
    57 Do you go to for advice? idk O_o
    58 Is your worst enemy? i dont really know.
    59 Do you look up to? no one
    60 Knows you best? Jeremy..probably..i dunno o_o
    61 Do you like to hang out with? Alex/Emy and her friends/Kyle/Jeremy/Steph, chris, all of them/Meg
    62 Is the craziest person you know? idk me maybe
    63 Is the funniest person you know? MEG!!! omg i love you LOL
    64 Do you like? yourrr motherr
    65 Do you want to marry? haha you probably know so meow.
    66 Has the nicest hair? O_o...idk
    67 Do you want to be like? i wanna be SAILOR MOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    68 Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? ha. uh, no.
    69 What is their name? just, no
    70 Do you like your parents? sometimes
    71 Do you like your siblings? yesh, but my sister can get annoying
    72 Are you wearing your pajamas? maybe....
    73 Are you talking to someone online? Kyle and alfred
    74 Are you happy? uh, no. only when, yeah.
    75 If your sad, why? uh, im always sad.
    76 Would you die for a friend? depends

    Do you believe in...
    77 God? whats that?
    78 Love at first sight? no..
    79 Superstitions? nope
    80 Heaven/Hell? nope
    81 The closet monster? yes!
    82 A perfect girl/guy? sure

    83 What one wish would you wish for? not saying.
    84 Do you believe wishes come true? not really
    85 Do you wish you could be someone else? nope.
    86 Have you ever wished upon a star? O_o yeah, im a dork

    Which one...
    87 (Girls) Freddie Prinze Jr. or Ryan Phillippe? what the fuck!? NOOO
    88 (Guys) Michelle Geller or Jennifer Love Hewitt?
    89 Lust or Love? Love
    90 Having a night alone with your man/woman, or out at a party? alone
    91 Church or school? ::hiss:: neither!!
    92 Messy or Clean? Messy
    93 Computer or DVD? computer.
    94 Cds or DVDs? both are good
    95 Flowers or Chocolates?
    96 Bush or Gore (for president)? neither. government = dumb
    97 Clinton or Gore (for president)? your mother
    98 Guy or girl: both! ^_^
    99 Kiss Or Hug: both
    100 Chocolate or vanilla: vanilla
    101 Children or no children: O_o. NO!!
    102 Blonde hair or brown hair on a guy/girl: your mom
    103 Blue eyes or brown eyes: your mom
    104 Slow dance or fast dance: RAVING
    105 Wife beaters or no shirt: O_o...
    106 Sunscreen or sun tan lotion: ::hiss::
    107 Ring or Bracelet: both
    108 hot bath or hot shower: bath
    109 Herbal Essents or Suave: neither raa
    110 crayon or marker: crayons, you can eat them =P
    111 Pen or pencil: Pencil
    112 Movie or tv: both
    113 Phone or chat online: chat
    114 Day or night: Night
    115 Dark Or Light: Dark
    116 Shoes on or off: Both
    117 Long Or Short hair: Long
    118 Burger Kind OR MC DONALDS: good memories
    121 Coke or Pepsi: yuck
    122 AOL or Telephone: neither.
    123 Hanging out with a couple of close friends or hanging out with a big group: couple close friends
    124 E-mail or Snail mail: e-mail O_o

    When was the last time you:
    125 Said thank you? pfft idk
    126 Read a book? idk
    127 Read the Bible? HAHAH WHAT
    128 Prayed? whats that
    129 Did something nice? HAHA no.
    130 Helped a friend? no
    131 Took a shower? idk lolol
    132 (girls) shaved your legs? O_o 3 nights ago idkkk......
    133 Got mad? today
    134 Talked on the phone? today
    135. Did your own laundry? ha. no.
    136. Spent Money? idk.
    137. Who did you spend it on? idk stfu
    138. Went shopping? nope.

    139 Do you want to live? wherever
    140 Is the most fun place to go? uhh idk
    141 Do you want to meet your husband/wife? sure why not?
    142 Do you want to go Heaven or Hell? theyre not real. stfu
    143 Do you want to get married? sure

    144 Do you like to do? draw, go on teh computer
    145 Was the most fun retreat/trip you ever went on? St.John
    146 Friend is always there? ....i dunno
    147 Relative sends you the most money for Christmas? ...none of them.
    148 Do you like about your church or school clique? wtf O_o
    149 Do you want to be when you grow up? Artist.
    150 Do you want your husbands/wifes name to be? whatever.
    151 Is your favorite sport? fencing/karate
    152 Is your favorite piece of clothing? FOAMY SHIRT

    Have you, in the last 24 hrs...
    153 Cried? O_o nope
    154 Gotten in major trouble? no
    155 Cut your hair? no
    156 Ate a meal? yeah
    157 Hugged someone? yeah
    158 Kissed someone? no
    159 Made a new friend? yes.
    160 Lost something? no
    161 Done something new? yep
    162 Got online? yeah O_o.
    163 Checked your e-mail? yeah
    164 Talked on the phone? yes
    165 Exercised? i will tonight O_o.....
    166 Slept? yeah, sorta
    167 Got in a fight? no
    168 Got dressed in something other than your pj’s? yeah
    169 Went bowling? nope.

    Have you ever...
    170 Been so drunk you passed out? O_o
    171 Gone out in public in your pajamas? yeah
    172 Had an imaginary friend? lol yes.
    173 Cried during a chick flick? NO! HA!
    174 Owned a New Kids on the Block CD? uhh no, wtf.
    175 Gotten in a car accident? nope.
    176 Liked someone so much you cried? yeah.
    177 Cussed when your parents were around? yep
    178 Told your sister/brother he/she was a bitch? all the time! hahaha
    179 Sung in front of the mirror? yes..
    180 Made faces in the mirror? yeah!
    181 Spent more than one hour on your hair? haha never
    182 Sleep- walked: i sleep talk
    183 Talked in your sleep? YES!!!!! LOL, last night i was mumbling stop drop and roll in my sleep
    184 Watched a scary movie and couldn’t sleep all night? lol no
    185 Gone Caroling? haha i dont think so.

    186 What is the funniest movie you ever saw? Zoolander
    187 What is the stupidest movie? O_o idk
    188 Which movie could you watch over and over? Zoolander! OMG I LOVE THAT MOVIE
    189 What was the last movie you saw? Joe Dirt
    190 Who do you go to the movies with? Pheonix, Dragon, Ally
    191 What movie made you cry the most? I have no idea. Movies don't make me cry really
    192 Did you like Titanic? NO! i didnt see it! lol

    If you were stranded on an island...
    193 Who would you take? erm...alex, kyle, jeremy
    194 Who would you take if you only had three people you could bring? same people
    195 What three things would you bring? lotsa stuff
    196 What island would you want to be stranded on? idk
    197 What animal would you kill for food? piggy piggy WEEEEWEEE
    198 Would you write on the sand “HELP!” nope lol i'd sleep, prolly looking dead in teh sand LOL
    199 Would you panic or relax? relax

    Would you ever...
    200 Jump out of a plane? yeah!!
    201 Kiss your best guy friend (or if you’re a guy, girl friend)? yep.
    202 Go bungy jumping? yep!
    203 Stay in your room for a whole day? yeah, i have
    204 Go in the snow without clothes? yea, prolly
    205 Skinny dip? nope
    206 Drink salt water? its gross, ok
    207 Touch road kill? yep xDDD
    208 Take a job even if it meant you’d be away from your guy or girl? no.
    209 Smile at your worst enemy? yep
    210 Play 8,000 bowling games in one night? uhhh no
    211 Go to Reno to get married? no wtf
    212 Gamble? no
    213 Bring shorts to Minnesota? sure.
    214 Have a make-out party? no, thats retarded
    215 Throw a party without your parents? prolly
    216 Go to a foreign country? yehhh
    217 Fly a plane? sure

    Love Life...
    221 B/f Or G/f?: nope.
    222 NaMe: nope.
    223 HoW lOnG hAvE yOu BeEn DaTiNg: nope.
    224 CrUsH: nope.
    225 HoW lOnG hAvE yOu LiKeD tHiS pErSoN?: nope.
    226 WhAt Do YoU lIkE aBoUt ThIs PeRsOn?: nope.
    227 If YoU cOuLd Go OuT w/ AnYoNe In ThE wOrLd, WhO wOuLd It Be?: not telling you, stfu.
    228 WhEn YoU 1sT mEeT a GuY/gIrL, wHaT dO yOu NoTiCe?: ass! LOL
    229 WoUlD yOu RaThEr Be In A lOnG-tErM rElAtIoNsHiP w/ OnE pErSoN oR dAtE mAnY pEoPlE?: Long-term
    230 WoUlD yOu EvEr Be In A lOnG dIsTaNcE rElAtIoNsHiP?: nope. it happened to me, it sucked
    231 Do YoU bElIeVe In LoVe At FiRsT sIgHt?: sure
    232 WhO oF tHe OpPoSiTe SeX dO yOu LoVe MoSt? nope.
    233 IdEaL gUy/GiRl: sure
    234 IdEa Of A pErFeCt DaTe: whatever

    235 JOE: Dirt
    236 JENNIFER: annoying bitch!!
    237 JOHN: tall
    238 SALLY: cheeks LOL
    239 JORDAN: black guy
    240 SARAH: my friend. yay
    241 JESSICA: annoying cousin....>_>
    242 LAUREN: cool.
    243 MARK: i win
    244 RAY: RAY!!!!! LOL
    245 RACHEL: mouse
    246 JANET: secretary lol
    247 CHRIS: my bwoy! yay!

    248 Do you have a best friend: alot
    249 If so, who is it: people
    250 Name your friends: no! lol
    251 Nicest: Alex, Pheonix, Steph, Meg
    252 Funniest: Jeremy, Kyle, Alex, Will
    253 Most caring: idk
    254 Smartest: me yay! lol idk
    255 wtf
    256 Prettiest: emy
    257 Hottest: meg and alex and pheonix, damn they are sexy
    258 There for you the most: Jeremy and Steff
    259 Friend that lives the farthest away: monkeys
    260 All around best friend: ....uh....probably Chris/Steph
    261 Best eyes? your mother
    262 Best Hair? idk
    263 How long did this take you? like half hour i guess.

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