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Michelle (xkillmefastx) wrote,
@ 2004-05-04 21:25:00
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    Current mood:calm
    Current music:Swallow the Knife -:- Story of the Year

    We pray for night to start over again..
    Soo.. today was kind of.. better than most I guess.. in a way. I got twelve hours of sleep so, needless to say, I had a better outlook during the whole day. I wasn't pissy all day like usual. I have an extra day to finish my math.. 15% off, but still. I'm still not gonna do it. Haha. Umm.. due date for IP moved to Monday or Tuesday. Cool. Driver's was confusing. Right of way? Yeah. I'm going to fail this year I believe. We're learning chemistry in science, ew, I hate formulas. And uhhh Armstrong yelled all through history and I had to listen to Sara bitch about Emma AGAIN. Haha. God every day I swear. Ew stupid guys are here. Kill me now. Umm..

    After school Alicia came over and we were yelling "wanna screw" at old people and scaring little kids.. and then Joel came over.. and we did nothing the whole time. Alicia left, then Joel did. Calvin decided to come "appraise"-if you will- my Magic cards. 200 bucks. Nice. Now to find someone who will buy them. He didn't talk like at all because "he's shy around girls in person". Okay good excuse. I had to have Cayla there for moral support haha I used her for half an hour. Then I went to bass. And um.

    My life is boring at the moment haha. Ohh. I just told a really bad joke. But nevermind.


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