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Kay (xkay_was_like) wrote,
@ 2004-04-10 14:17:00
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    Current mood:frustrated
    Current music:sparta- light burns clear

    yesterday elise walked to my house around 2, she was here for about five minutes, then kelly called me to tell me that her and henry were outside. elise and i got downstairs and got in the car, then henry told us that we weren't going to go into boston, because it was opening day at fenway and there would be way too much traffic. we sat in the car for a while and just drove around for a while, then elise said we should go and ride the go-carts at some place in new hampshire. henry and kelly agreed, i kinda just kept my mouth shut. we got there and they all got in line, and i stood over to the side, there was no way i was getting on because i'm a chicken and have never driven a go-cart before, they tried to talk me into it for like 10 minutes, they all offered to pay for me, but i just wasn't having it. they decided they would go on without me, so i watched them and took pictures. after they were done on those, we saw "slippery go-carts" and they somehow managed to talk me into going on those, we went on and it was awesome. after those, we left.

    we started driving around in dracut, it seemed like every 5 minutes henry had to stop to say hi to somebody, i'm pretty sure he knows every single person that lives there. there were many jokes made about me being half black and driving around in dracut, because every single person that lives there is white. we wound up going to justin/henry's house, which is on a lake, justin wasn't home and i guess that's why we were going there, so we went driving around. once again, henry saw a million people that he knew, we stopped at a car wash where 4 of his friends were and they were all shocked to see him in a car with 3 girls. "big hank in a car with 3 girls, now i've seen it all." they were pretty cool, but we just stayed there and talked to them for a few minutes. then we went out to eat, henry tried to pay for all of us, but me and kelly wouldn't let him pay for either one of us, and elise is cheap, so he paid for her. while we were eating, justin called henry's phone and said that he was at home, elise took the phone and started flirting with him and then she wanted to meet him. after we finished eatting, we drove back to justin's house and he was there with 4 other boys, they were kinda quiet and wound up leaving after a little while. then elise decided that she wasn't in love with him because "he looked gay", so pretty much, she couldn't take it that some guy wasn't digging her. we hung around at the house for a little while, learned how to play poker, then went outside and played basketball. we were playing for a little while, then two of henry's friends, mike and some other guy, stopped and played with us. atfer a while we wound up leaving because elise was cold, so we drove back to my house so she could change and we grabbed her video camera.

    we left my house again and filmed ourselves in the car, it was quite comical. then trevor called henry, and elise decided that she wanted to try for another guy. we went and picked up trevor then we to the carnival, we spent $25 between the 5 of us, and got to go on ONE ride, it was a huge waste of money, but oh well. i saw kurtis there, he introduced me to his hooker-looking girlfriend as the "girl who tells me about all the good music." after the carnival we went back to justin/henry's house and went out on the beach, played on the swings, messed around for a little while, then went home. elise and i got back to my house around 11 and called jenna to see if she wanted to hang out, but her phone was off. so we went into my room, put on the movie identity and wound up falling asleep 20 minutes later.

    i don't have anything to do today, even though i thought i did. joanna called me at like 11:30 and asked me if i wanted to go to the movies with her at 12:45 and see "the girl next-door," i said i would, but i didn't really want to see that movie. she was coming at 12 because we were going to go to tyngsboro to see it, so i had to rush and get ready, then my phone rang at 12:30 and she told me she wasn't coming because her car wouldn't start. i know it's a load of shit, but oh well.

    i know i should never talk to you again, but i need to know, do you miss me like i miss you? i wish i would've won, maybe that's all it is. maybe it's because i lost that i still can't get over it, is it because i lost you or just because i lost? i hope it's just because i lost, i hope you're not the reason i'm still miserable, i don't want you to have that over me.

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