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Taylor (ximdeadbutawake) wrote,
@ 2005-05-25 18:01:00
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    Dear everybody or whoe ever listening I think im going to do me in this time
    So last night I went to my aunts house and I fially got done wiht my gay ass english paper but i ahve to print out a new one cause I didnt double space it, GAY.

    Well i have only lieka day left of school thank God, I will bw soo glad to get out of that hell hole. I babysit tonight, and tommorow i go to work blahhh i hate work! Peru finally got a HOT TOPIC i am excited i went today "grand opening" lol I got a senses fail shirt and a taking back sunday shirt I <3 them hardcore. I also got a star mood ring i also <3 that too. Tina, jc and I went it was good hotties were in there. He is another survey thing.

    Name: Taylor

    Nickname: Tay, but only one guy can really call me it, i dont really like that name but if he says it, it is hottt

    Location: Gay Ass Illinois, Sandusky Ohio is where I wanna be

    Gender: chickadee

    Birthplace: Ottawa

    Birthstone: ughh like a purple or something lol

    Birthday: june 8th

    Sign: gemini

    Righty or Lefty: righty

    Screenname: yahoo lil_schott_21

    ** your looks **

    Height: 5'6

    Weight: uhh too big god damnit

    Shoe size: 10 or bigger lol

    Hair Color: dirty blonde natural

    Hair Length: past my shoulder almost to my boobies

    Eye Color: blue

    Size: of what? my cock? ohh you know like 18 inches lmao

    Glasses: yes only wear them when I drive or im at school, dont wanan kill some one driving

    Braces: had them got them off my freshie year now i will be a senior

    Piercings: not yet, wanna get my lip and my labrea

    Tattoos: not yet, I want nautical stars or an angel memorial thing for my grandma

    ** fashion **

    Where do you shop: Hottopic. sam goody, wal mart, ughhh places for my gay ass school BLAH

    What do you usually wear: jeans, black pants, my hardcore awesome band shirts, im getting into ties and shit now

    What kind of shoes do you wear: my black shoes or if i walk i wear my adidas shhoes confy as all hell

    Do you wear a watch: nope

    Color you never wear: ughh yellow and i dont usually wear purple

    Color you wear at least once a week: black red or blue

    Something you wear everyday: my undies and my bra my bracelets util my work gets gay and i cant wear them l

    Do you wear make up everyday: yea unless i am at home or something

    Make up essential: eyeliner

    Most cherished piece of clothing: MY CD COLLECTION, I would rather have some one steal my car then my cds, i would be soo pissed if they got stolen, and my concert pics <333333

    You wouldn't be caught dead wearing: ABERCROMIE, shirt that is too fucking small liek most people wwear them now it is gay, geta shirt that fits, i only wear their perfume of their guy hoodie i got for a x-mas gift liek 2 years ago

    Do you wear belts: I ahve to it would bug me pulling my pants up allt he tme like most girls doo

    Do you wear hats: hahha some times, my camouflaged hat yu knwot hat i got wiht kelsey, we are going FISHING and camping lol

    How many pairs of shoes do you have: prolly 5 or 6 maybe more but i only wear about 4 of them

    ** music **

    Favorite kind of music: punk rock, emo, rock, screamo

    Least Favorite: rap, and COUNTRY

    How many CD's do you have: ummw ant me to go count hold on j/k too many tocount almost 2 cd cases full

    Last CD you bought: the starting lines based on a true story

    Whats in your CD player right now: fall out boy new cd it is fuckin hardcore

    Do you download music: all the time I dont care if "I steal it" if you like the band enough you'll go out and buy the cd damn

    ** Favorites **

    Color: blue and black

    Number: 21

    Season: fall or spring

    Ice cream: mint chocoalte chip, or chocoalte

    Website: band websites, live journal o this

    Quote: "your not god your bob" slc punk, "throw the bowling ball" dazed and confused"

    Store: walmart, hottopic

    Band: good charlotte

    Singer: Don hENLY
    Rapper: Eminem

    Group: spice girls baby

    Song: i have too many

    Movie: bang band your dead, sleepers, slc punk, dazed and confused, IT

    Actor: brad pitt, john travolta

    Actress: Rachel evan wood or evan rachel or something

    Kind of movies: HORROR

    Place to be: anyplace with kelsey

    Time of day: night

    Clothing Brand: band shirts

    Animal: CATS and dolhphins

    Food: PIZZA

    Holiday: Christmas

    Shape: circle bc they never end

    Restaraunt: Hill top resturrant

    Fast food place: wendys or mickiedees
    Boy's name: Joe

    Girl's name: Adalyn

    Word: dude

    Month: june

    Candy: 5th avenues
    ** love and relationships **

    Sexual Preference: ughh i dont know

    Boyfriend or Girlfriend: not right now

    Crush: .... ...., .... ...... YOU fill in the blacka

    Do you believe in love at first sight: yup the you find out they are assholes

    What do you look for in a guy/girl: funny, kissable, huggable, nice
    Best physical feature: eyes

    Best hair color: blk

    Best eye color: blue or ne thing light
    ** randoms **

    Do you paint your nails: yes

    What color is your tooth brush: blue

    What's on your desktop: uhh,... my computer

    Do you like roller coasters: yes! six flags KELSEY

    Do you do drugs: nope

    Are you a virgin: YES
    Do you have any pets: a 2 kitties and a doggie dog

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