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Ailiee (xiao_jia_li) wrote,
@ 2003-07-22 15:55:00
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    Whores....Fucking Whores....

    Some women are whores that it serves them right to get a STD, get heartbroken or walked over. Some just plain have no sense that they deserve to get knocked out.
    Some are just flat out whores they might as well quit their daytime jobs and start working as a prostitute...they'd be millionaires.
    Some women aren't satisfied with the ugly ass guys that they have, so when they see that someone who is down to earth, cute, and whatever with a hot guy, they tend to get this immature streak of jealously and just have to go after the hot guy. Not only do they have to check him out but e-mail him with shit like (this is semi edited to protect the innocent and expose the whores):

    Hello Jesse. No, you don't know me but I just came by the alarm room with
    > my co-worker looking for SSgt McLaren. I was in the pink shirt. Anyway,
    > I work with Trish too. My office is up there by her but this week I'm
    > stuck next door to you in bldg. 715. So, I thought I'd come see who you
    > were. I don't know anyone on your shift. The other shift I know really
    > well. (all of them) I dated Eric Masur (you may know him as "Mouse")
    > for a while. I also go to church with Bob Watkins. (on the other shift)
    > Anyway, thought I'd say hi and explain myself for stopping in. Hope your
    > foot gets better.
    > Em
    > P.S. What day is your Kelly day? (I've been trying to explain your
    > schedule to Blah but it's taking awhile for her to get it)
    > Understandable though, it took me a while too.

    Well you see how whorish that is? F-O-U-L! Let's all shout it...FOUL! She already has an ugly "boyfriend"....stick with him.

    And then I was e-mailing an convo with my boyfriend to Lora and there she was, talking about "Why didn't I get a courtesy copy?" To fucking what? E-mail him behind my back? Fuck you....

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