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SpOяKзĐ iИ тHє hЁαD (xiangfei) wrote,
@ 2003-06-16 11:28:00
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    Current mood: pissed off
    Current music:Puddle Of Mudd - Control :D

    Aieee. Mad?!
    Unreal Tournament was not working. Mulitplayer wasn't working, to be exact. But then again. I noticed that the DSL connection got fux0red up. :/ Sucks. I figured it just now. Luckily I didn't waste any brain cells by chatting on MSN. Aye. Anyways. I wonder why people still play Unreal Tournament when Unreal Tournament 2003 is out. I can't play it because I can't afford it. o.0 Sucks donkey balls, that's for sure. I'm currently looking for cool multiplayer games, which seems humanly impossible. :D Ragnarok Online, went P2P. Can't believed I didn't PAY! But that's a good thing. The $10.00+ will go to a waste. Gravity puts too little effort in that MMORPG. Well. It was fun while it lasted. Alpha still owns. And as I'm typing this. My house smells burnt. For some reason.

    I hate my grandma.

    She's scary. And dirty. Dirty as in, touches icky stuff. Uck. I'm disgusted. You'll never know when she's going to pick her nose and poke your dinner while she's at it. I hate living with my grandparents. They smell. My grandpa has a long ear lobe. Kinda scary. And my grandma has just recently cut her hair like a man's hairdo. Blah. I feel humilated now.

    "I can't control you.
    You can't control me." - Puddle Of Mudd ^___^

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2003-06-16 14:41 (link)
you play unreal tournament? wat's your screen name? maybe we can play together

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