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·×·§à®á·×·®èáññ·×· (xhopeleslynluvx) wrote,
@ 2003-06-26 12:48:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:Rap

    *Rµmðr§ årêñ† †rµê*ßµ† §ðmêhðw êvêr¥ðñê ßêlïêvê§ †hêm?*
    *This week..hasnt been the greatest..Me and Ricky have fought soo much..and it is so stupid..there have been rumors going around he is cheating on me? Should I believe it..or should I not? He tells me it isnt true..I want to believe it..I really do..just something tells me he is lying..A best friend of know who u are! told me he has dont a few little things with girls..when we first started going out..he denies it..*Chicks before Dicks* i know right..why would she lie? I like Ricky soo much! and i dont wanna break up over another girl who broke up with him..and just hadda slap in the face of reality..yea u know who u are..I have cried so much this week..i dont want to cry anymore..i dont want to get hurt or be hurt all the time..But you know..I have some of the greatest friends ever..they have helped me soo much in life..with all my problems and just asking if i was ok..its great to have friends i know i can count should know who you are..i love u all! I just hope..ricky and i dont break up..I like him a lot..and if he loved me..he wouldnt *play around* with other girls..Some people know what im talking about..well I gotta go now..I*ve said enuff!!* *Sara Reann*

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