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cierra (xhopecorex) wrote,
@ 2003-11-08 20:12:00
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    Current mood: thoughtful
    Current music:the punk rock show - MXPX

    has to write it
    the other day in english my teacher had me write a poem caled IAM i wrote:
    i am dark & dancing through sunday
    i wonder what it would be like if i weren't here
    i hear the voices telling to push the edge a little deeper
    i see a fire burning the image that is life
    i want to be free from all this
    i am dark & dancing through sunday

    i pretend that everthing is okay
    i feel the weight of everyone's expectations
    i worry if i'll make until tomorrow
    i cry when life gets to be to much
    i am dark & dancing through sunday

    i understand what a sharp blade will do to me
    i say everything is all right
    i dream about the day i leave
    i hope the sun shines tomorrow
    i am dark& dancing through sunday
    when people read they thouht i was crazy and asked me what was wrong but they need to realize . . . i am crazy but i haven't been pushed to edge!!

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2003-11-22 02:01 (link)
hey!! add chelsea.. her s/n on here is gun2myhead .


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