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Sarah (xhatetobelovedx) wrote,
@ 2004-11-05 20:48:00
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    Current mood: accomplished
    Current music:alexisonfire: waterwings

    new journal! new place! yay!! :oD
    so, i got a new journal..FINALLY!..i really like this place a lot better..and hopefully ill actually remeber it, and keep it updated and it will be cool! haha. im new if you want to add me to your friends or whatever. you are more than welcome too! :o)
    okay. so today..nothing special..really not that exciting.. :o\ well..i will try to make it semi exciting for those of you who actaully read these things..hehe. so i woke up. took a ready..haha- cant you tell its going to be a boring day already?..OH YESH! while i was getting ready, i found my lip gloss, that i thought beth (my little sister) stole. so that made me happy! then i went to school..michelle's b-day is on sarah brought in cupcakes. and i was eating one, well kinda, i ate all the icing off of it..and was just kinda holding it in my hand..and some girl walked by and was talking with her hands and like smacked my cupcake outta my hand..oh man..that was funny. then me and michelle and sarah went to home room..yea, its always boring in there..then i went to health, with caitlin. we talked about drinking..thats always an interesting topic..haha. then i go to math, i walked outside with caitlin, becaus eshe had to go get her kid for child dev. and i was going to math in the jr. high school, and on the way, i stopped to talk to kayci like i always do! man oh man! i <3 that girl so how me and kayci became friends..oh..its a great story..let me tell you.
    okay. so kayci dated this kid named chris. in like the end of the school months, and it was about the end of july and im up at my camp just hanging out and talking with my sister. and my phone rings. i answered it..not knowing who the hell it was. and it was chris! its really funny- because i never really talked to him before. and he called me so i was like, um okay. what the fuck. and he was like im moving to florida in like 2 months or something..and i was like awe..because we never really got to hang out..and so yea. we planned for him to come over that tuesday or something- i dont remember. so he comes over that tuesday..and i realized that i really liked the kid. so like almost EVERY SINGLE DAY until he left, we hung out..and thats when shit went down. it just went bad..everything soon became fucked up..chris went to kennywood with michelle and kayci. and i was cool with that. because i had not yet known kayci at the time..but from what i heard she was totally rad. so i didnt really mind chris going to kennywood with her. but so it ends up that while chris and i are "together" he all of a sudden becomes interested in michelle..and i was just like oh thats cool- he told me that they just held hands- and to be honest i was completly fine with that..becuase at the time i trusted him. so while he is at kennywood or w/e i dont know..i was up at my camp with my sister and her friend maria. so maria is friends with michelle- if your not following this. im sorry.!!!- and we were al sitting on my trampoline, and chris calls so im talking to him and he has to go or something and then i get off the phone with him- saying i love yous and all that fucked up shit-
    maria: "who was that"
    me: "chris"
    maria: "chris who?"
    me: (last name)
    maria: "isnt he dating michelle?"
    me: ""
    maria: "oh, i was just wondering cause he was at kennywood with her. and they were holding hands and he tried to kiss her or something or give her a hicky"
    me: "WHAT?!?!" then i didnt really trust him. so i called him. and asked him what happend and he said they just held hands and i was like oh okay. so then i called michelle, and was like what happend at kennywood and she said that chris tried to kiss her but she turned her head so he kissed her neck...and by that time i was pissed. and i was like didnt you know about me? and she was like yes but chris told me that he had no feelings for you..and i was just like so astonished at that time. i was speechless..and me being speechless is just like woah..and i called chris and like flipped out, dont remember excatly what was said. then everything is okay again, and me and him are back to normal and everything is normal. some time..chris begins to go out with michelle? i dont know when. but i was just like w.e and like..its 2 days before he leaves or something like that..i dont remember and i wanted to go to the i called chris and asked what he was up to and he said kayci was over and i was like oh rad, and i asked him if they wanted to go to the that time kayci had heard a lot about me and chris and she thought i was rad- as i did her. so we were cool with each other. so we go to the movies and chris dares me and kayci to make we do that..and he was all up in it..haha it was a then we go home and what not, and i dont just so happens that everything just got worse from there..chris had screwed 3 diffrent girls in one week. lied to me. lied to kayci. it was just hell..and i dont wanna go on. but i cant leave you all hanging, so i will continue..chris moved to florida august 21- dating michelle- i dont know how long that lasted..nor do i care for that fact..but what ever. ANYWHO!! we made a promise that we wouldnt fuck anyone or someting like that..but he fucked some girl..hes a slut..its gross- i regret even thinking that i liked him..that i even loved him..please- just kill me now. but yea..thats pretty much it between us...we dont talk anymore, we arent friends anymore..yea. its cool. i'm happier than ever..and that my how me and kayci becamse friends..confusing isn't it?...haha.
    okay so back to school...i go to math..boring..then i go to english- we are in the library, im doing a research project- im doing the johnstown flood..yay! (that wasnt sarcasam) haha. but yea..then i go to study hall which is normally fun but today it was boring as hell- then i go to lunch with caitlin- bread stucks..reallll healthy food..pfft :op we played bloody knuckles!! WOOT! haha. then we go to band..YESH! i am in band..NO! im not afraid to admit it..the i go to world culture with mr. imhof..the class is hard as hell..but he has got to be the greatest teacher in the world..then i go to german--nothing special-- then i come home.
    when i come home. no one is home and i walk in the door with my sister and see a note on the mirror, it reads' "sarah + beth first blow the leaves in the front and backyard, then take down halloween decorations and put them away..second o your home work- we are at home depot getting capret for the entry thing or what ever. so i read this and im reallllllllll pissed cause of what happend the night before. i got in a big fight with my dad--don't really want to talk about it :o\ sorry! but it was a bad i called tristan<3 being extremly upset..and yea..okay- like tristan..he is major amazing..LiKe WoAh.. :oP haha! i tottaly adore that kid. he is just wonderful! but yea.. so i do the stuff on the list like a good girl :o) hehe..then my parents come home with the we did the carpet in the entry way thing from 3-8 oh man--it was then we finished that up..and had some pizza...i had peanut butter pie :oD thats my fave!! woohoo!
    but here i am bored as hell..everyone is out..its friday im sitting at home..real exciting, eh? i was guna go to the football game with sarah, but sarah went with dave, so i didnt really wanna go..but it will probably be the last game..oh well, our team had a great season..but okay- since i have nothing else to complain about i am guna blow this popsicle stand :oP..haha! talk to you all laters!
    eX.Oh.eX- sarah <3

    with you + i defying gravity...they'll never bring us down..

    all i want for christmas is you...HAHAHA! OOOOOOOH BABY! OW! OW!

    29 days until my b-day and that means tristan comes!! AHHHHH!! WOOT!

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