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your mom (xfoshizzlex) wrote,
@ 2003-09-10 18:44:00
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    from one of my favorite books...

    "Even if my mother and father
    get killed in a car crash
    and I have to go stay
    with Aunt Frances and Uncle Paul
    in New Jersey

    and even if
    their house burns down
    so I get sent to a foster home
    and my foster parents are alcoholics
    who beat me

    and even if
    I run away
    but I get caught
    and the social worker says
    I have to live in an orphanage in Omaha

    and even if
    when I'm on the airplane
    on the way to the orphanage
    a terrorist takes over
    and makes the pilot land on a deserted island

    and even if
    the plane crashes
    and everyone dies but the terrorist and me
    and the island is surrounded
    by hungry sharks,

    I swear I won't go crazy."

    "Smile for the camera.
    Say 'cheese.'
    Try and look
    like your old, sane self
    for just one second.


    "We planned it
    so carefully.

    Even synchronized
    our watches.


    last night
    at the stroke of midnight

    he looked at the moon
    through his bedroom window

    and at the exact same moment

    I looked at the moon
    through mine."

    "The voices came whispering again
    last night, while she was lying in her bed.
    She thought she heard them say her name and then

    their laughter rustled deep inside her head.
    They didn't seem to know she was awake,
    listening to every word they said.

    She tried to block them out, but couldn't make
    them go away. The voices asked her why
    she'd lost her mind. Her hands began to shake.

    She heard them mention shock treatments, and sigh.
    Their murmurs kept her up all night, and then
    a silence fell when sunlight filled the sky...

    Today the voices will be gone, but when
    evening falls and she lies in her bed,
    she'll hear them come whispering again."

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