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your mom (xfoshizzlex) wrote,
@ 2003-09-01 10:32:00
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    First best friend(s): Sara H. and Christin
    First real memory of something: can't remember
    First car: dont got one
    First date: me and william
    First real kiss: william-summer of 5th - 6th grade
    First break-up: chris-5th grade
    First job: babysitting
    First screen name: lancebfan01
    First self purchased album: *NSync
    First funeral: my great-grandfather
    First pet: gizmo
    First piercing/tattoo: my ears
    First house/flat/apartment: a trailer across from mcclarty stadium
    First credit card: dont got one
    First enemy: sara h
    First big trip: moving to nebraska
    First play/musical/performance: in musical in kindergarten
    First musician you remember hearing in your house: probably van halen or santana or metalica
    Last cigarette: never
    Last car ride: coming home from church last night
    Last kiss: friday from was gross
    Last good cry: a couple nights ago
    Last library book checked out: o geez...cant remeber...
    Last movie seen: pirates of the caribbean
    Last cuss word uttered: cant remember
    Last beverage drank: water
    Last food consumed: bacon
    Last crush: gregg
    Last phone call: grant
    Last tv show watched: hard rock live-the ataris
    Last time showered: yesterday
    Last shoes worn: my red converses
    Last cd played: band cd-flight of condor, caravan
    Last item bought: m&ms
    Last annoyance: sara k
    Last disappointment: sara k
    Last soda drank: yesterday - mountain dew
    last ice cream eaten: ummm? dont know
    last time wanting to die: last night
    last time scolded: this morning
    last shirt worn: rockledge raiders
    last webpage visited: this one

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