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Someone. (xfireflybeautyx) wrote,
@ 2003-09-04 06:15:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:dashboard confessional//several ways to die trying

    Mmm, yeah. I'm sleepy. I went to bed around 9:30ish, and then woke up at 3 AM because I have no clue why. And I couldn't fall back to sleep until around 4. Ugh. GAY. Anyway, todays the first day of school. Yippee. I'ma actually looking forward to it cuz now I get to get out of this GODFORESAKEN HOUSEEEE!!!!! Oh well. Anyway, I look all nice looking today. So thats cool. Mmhmm. Anyway.

    Me, Rich, Mike, Nick and Al are all going to breakfast this morning before school. Cuz I don't haveta be there until 10. Hahah YOU FRESHMAN SUCK! Only not really, because I do like some of the freshman. They cool. Like Robbie and Matt and uhh...Oh yeah! And Zack. Zack is the man. Haha, he plays Clarinet with me. And hes so quiet...but hes gonna win the FPS (freshman point system) this year. I think so. One night at camp he hung a crab apple (from the tree outside the band room) from his mouth and Shane hit it out of his mouth with a baseball bat. It looked like Zack was gonna pass out. Hahaha, and by the way, Shane and Zack are brothers. Anyway. Yeah, so the freshman aren't that bad. The girls are just really annoying. Oh well. I think most girls are their freshman year. =)

    Woohoo. So Rich is gonna be here at 7. So I have a half hour to not really do anything. I'm SO HUNGRY THOUGH!! I haven't eaten since around 4 yesterday. *whimper* I only have $10 on me though, because I'm poor. So I don't know how much I'll be able to spend today. Because I'm poor. And I suck. Because I'm poor. =) Haha, I look so haaaaawwwwt today!!! Yay!! Hahaha. I should write about yesterday. That was fun.

    So last night me, Rich and Mike went around driving. Rich hasta get used to it, cuz sometimes he seems a little uncomfortable. Haha. We stalled like 10 times I think. It was funny. And scary though. And then it start POURING so we were slipping everywhere. And we tried to go to Daves (the pet food place) and we ended up accidentally going to Feeding Hills. =) Oops. SO we finally made it to Daves, and we went and looked at da fishies, and da puppies, and da *shivers* snakes. And then we went into the "rodent" room lol and I WANT A BUNNY!!! AHHHH!!! Theyre so cute!! Theyre big too. I want the black one. =) Anyway, there were these little baby mice, and I thought they were the cutest little things. But there wasn't a price on them, so I was like, "Hey Rich!! I want one of those Mice!!!!" And he said, "Jen, those aren't for sale...theyre snake food." I WENT CRAZAY! LoL, they were so cute, and theyre were gonna feed em to SNAKES?!?! HORRIBLE!!! HORRIBLE!!! =( They were scratching at theyre cages trying to get out. Haha they probably know theyre gonna die. So sad. Anyway.

    IM HUNGRY! Grr. Yeah. Aight. I called work last night to see if I could get the 13th off before Steve makes the schedule and Kevin was like, "Well what do you need it off for??" And I told him and he said, "Oh well I'll put a note next to it, but no promises." UGH. Asswipe. I hate work sometimes. I work so fricken hard there, and I've been working the most out of anyone. And *sigh*. Whateva. lol.

    I gotta go actually. I'm gonna go get my stuff together.
    Woohoo...I'm a junior! Woohoo I'm an upperclassman! *happy squirrel dance*

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